Hyundai hero image

Hyundai are committed to electric driving

IONIQ and Kona 100% electric models, they continue to be ambitious in getting electric cars onto our roads. It’s the commitment to a cleaner, greener way of driving that makes us proud to have Hyundai as one of our key sustainability partners.

Their EV’s are also award winning with the IONIQ and Kona Electric wining Stuff’s Top Plug-In Car of the Year Award in 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

We love the fully-electric IONIQ so much, we drive it!

And the new fully-electric Kona has been a great addition to our fleet for agri team who are making the most of its 400km range.

You can experience an IONIQ or Kona EV too

If you’ve never experienced driving electric, you can book a free IONIQ or Kona test drive today. Not only will a spin in a 100% electric Hyundai give you the peace of mind knowing that with zero emissions you are making a difference, it’s also pure fun.