Considering going solar?

Solar might be worth considering if you:

  • Run a light industry or small business that uses power during the day.
  • Are at home to use power during the day.
  • Can set appliances to run during the day, like the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, breadmaker, and slow cooker.

Generation from solar varies depending on the time of day and year. Solar panels generate most between 8am and 4pm daily, and more in summer compared with winter. Most people’s energy use peaks outside that time – 7am to 8am, then 5pm to 10pm.

If you generate more energy than you use, you can export the excess.

Plans to suit solar 

We offer a day/night tariff – a good option for solar customers wanting electricity supply overnight.

Night rates 11pm-7.00am (or in Orion & Electra 9pm-7am)

Network location Night rate hours
Orion (Christchurch & Central Canterbury) 9pm - 7am
Electra (Kapiti & Horowhenua) 9pm - 7am
Everywhere else 11pm - 7am