Here’s how you go solar

To go solar, you will need a photovoltaic or PV system, which includes solar panels and solar specific equipment such as an import/export meter.

You’ll deal with up to four organisations when you go solar:

  • A solar equipment supplier of your choice
  • Your local electricity network company
  • Your electrician
  • Us – Meridian. Sign up as a Meridian customer, if you’re not already

Once you’re signed up, these are the steps to going solar

  1. You work with your solar equipment supplier to pick the best solar system for your energy needs.
  2. You (or your electrician) get written approval from your electricity network before installing the system.
  3. You send us a copy of the approval so we can order an import/export meter. The meter allows both you and us to track the energy you import and the excess energy you export.
  4. Your electrician installs the solar system.
  5. We install the import/export meter. You (or your electrician) need to keep in touch with us so we can do this as soon as is practicable.
  6. Your electrician will organise for an electrical inspector to provide a Record of Inspection.
  7. You start generating your own solar energy.