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Standard terms and conditions

We’ve removed clauses related to credit and debit card payments.  These payment methods now have their own separate terms and conditions:


Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

We’ve updated our terms and conditions to align with the requirements of Payments New Zealand.

These changes include;

  • The addition of requirements regarding written notice we need to provide for direct debits that are more regular in frequency or for a series of direct debits;
  • The addition of a 9 month dispute clause under which you have the right to request your bank to reverse a direct debit in certain circumstances;
  • In the case of a dishonoured direct debit an additional clause outlining our right to initiate that direct debit again within 5 days without giving you further notice;
  • Removal of clauses that are no longer required, for example because they are now contained in the terms and conditions that relate to your bank account;

One-off and recurring credit/debit card payment terms and conditions

We’ve created separate terms and conditions for these payment methods so they’re easier for you to find.

In these terms and conditions, weve also:

  • clarified where and how your credit/debit card details are stored
  • explained the pre-authorisation process when new cards are added to your online account
  • explained what happens when you add more than one credit or debit card
  • clarified when we’ll notify you of the date we’re taking payment from your card, how much that payment is, and how that amount is determined
  • stated that payments are in New Zealand dollars, and where you can find a record of payments you’ve made
  • explained the surcharge fee that applies, and where to find information about this
  • outlined how you can cancel a recurring payment, and our process for refunding payments
  • explained how you can update your card details
  • provided information about how you can contact us, and how well notify you of information in relation to these terms
  • removed reference to us reminding you when your stored card is due to expire (although we’ll still endeavour to do this)
  • added the right for us to make changes to these terms, including how well notify you of the changes.