Now that it's getting cold, we wanted to see if there's something we can do to help. Give us a call on 0800 496 496 and we can talk about your situation and the best options for you.

Are you eligible for the Winter Energy Payment?

If you receive a benefit or superannuation you will also automatically receive a Winter Energy Payment during winter months. 

For more information contact the Ministry of Social Development or visit their website.

Saving power

There are easy, cost-effective ways to understand where your power is going, and be efficient with your power usage. Regardless of whether you own your own property or if you are a tenant.

Having trouble staying warm or paying your bill?

Don’t be embarrassed about letting us know. Whatever your circumstances, we want to keep your power on.

  • We can discuss ways to make payment easier.
  • We can put you in touch with budget advisors and people who may be able to help, such as Work and Income.
  • We’ll talk with you about alternatives to the standard monthly bill, to make it easier to pay for power.
  • We’ll check whether you’re on the best plan for your needs.

Get in touch if you’re struggling to stay warm, or struggling to pay your bill, and we’ll do our best to support you this winter

Standard and Low User options for our pricing plans

We have two pricing options for all our pricing plans — Standard User and Low User. Your best option depends on the amount of electricity you use at your primary residence. Choose the best option for you and you could save money.

If you use less than 8000 units a year (9000 units in parts of the lower south island) at your primary residence, the Low User option may be best for you.

You can't have the low user option for other premises on your account, like a holiday home, a sleepout, or a shed.

Fixed and variable pricing

Meridian offers variable pricing and fixed pricing. When you joined us, you picked which type of pricing you wanted. But if you want to change, let us help

Fixed rate pricing is great when you want some certainty to help you budget, your Meridian charge and network charge each month is fixed for the term of the contract.

Choose fixed rate pricing if you’re happy to sign up to a contract of up to three years.

Pay the same amount every month

Levelpay lets you pay the same amount every month; you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit.

We will send you a monthly bill as usual, and review your account every six months - if we need to adjust the amount you're paying, we will let you know what the new amount will be.

Before we can estimate the LevelPay payment amount that will apply to you, you must have three consecutive meter readings.

Take control of how much power you use and get things done on the go.

Our online tools offer a sophisticated but convenient way to keep tabs on your energy consumption. This services allows you to:

  • Track how much power you’re using and how much it costs
  • Stay on top of your energy usage with our weekly or monthly power use update emails.
  • No more bill surprises — set up an email alert to give you a heads up if you’re tracking towards a bill that might be higher than usual.
  • Explore our power use graphs to get insights into when you’re using the most power, and how much it’s costing you.


You'll need a smart meter to access some of the power use features.