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Meridian is committed to sustainability and this helps shape our operations and how we do business.

Our approach to sustainability gives us a long-term focus – working to create a better energy future for us all.

Continuing global population growth and resource scarcity have only increased the importance of including community, customer and environmental interests in our business planning.

Meridian has developed a sustainability framework to help us focus on areas where our core business activities impact the external world, and where we can positively influence outcomes.

Sustainability framework

Water stewardship

Meridian collaborates with stakeholders to manage water catchments effectively.

1.   We’re supporting the habitat restoration work of the Waiau Trust.

2.   We're involved in the national Land and Water Forum, and the Canterbury Water Management Committees.

3.   We’ve been working closely with the Department of Conservation for over 20 years on Project River recovery in the South Island’s Upper Waitaki Basin.

4.   Local Ngāi Tahu representatives are working with us in our Waitaki and Manapōuri catchments to manage a native eel and elver trap and transfer program.

Growth of renewable energy

Meridian is committed to meeting future energy needs with renewable energy.

1.    We generate renewable energy.

2.    We invest in our assets so they are there for years to come, like Benmore power station.

3.    We look for new energy opportunities, like the Maama Mai solar farm in Tonga.

Energy solutions

Meridian provides people with positive energy solutions that lower their environmental impacts.

1.   We offer energy advice to our customers.

2.   We offer support to our medically dependent and vulnerable customers, helping people stay connected.

Engaged communities

Meridian supports and connects with the communities we serve and do business with.

1.    Meridian’s Community Funds support our generation communities.

2.    Meridian sponsors a range of arts, sports, environment and community initiatives.

3.    The construction of Te Uku wind farm was planned so that local community benefits were included.

Working sustainably

We engage our people on sustainability issues, supporting them to make great business decisions with a long-term view.

1.    Our Wellington office is one of New Zealand’s greenest buildings.

2.    We report on our sustainability performance every year in our Annual Report.

3.    We measure, monitor and work to reduce our GHG emissions.