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Reading my meter

Before reading your meter there are a few things you should know which are detailed below.

Meridian endeavours to read your meter every second month in most urban areas, and every 3 to 6 months in most rural areas. In the interim months we generate an estimate based on your previous electricity usage.

 When you should send us your reading

  • If you have received an estimated bill, simply send us the new reading within 5 days after receiving the estimated bill, and we will re-issue the bill within 7 days.
  • If the meter reader has left a card saying they were unable to access your meter, send us the new reading.
  • Before an estimated bill is produced, send us the new reading so you always receive bills based on actual reads. To find out the date and frequency to read your own meter, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 496 496.

 General guidelines

  • How often we read your meter depends on where you live. If you are unsure about how often your meter is read, please call us 0800 496 496.
  • If our meter reader isn't able to access your property (due to guard dogs, locked gates etc) your meter may not be read as frequently. In this situation, the meter reader will leave a 'no-access card' for you to fill out and return with your own readings.
  • Alternatively you can complete and return your meter reading using our online form.
  • If we have to estimate your account, our estimates are based on your previous electricity usage and also take seasonal variations into account. It is a good idea to check our estimate with the actual meter reading though. If the variation is large, you may wish to provide us with your own meter reading. This can reduce fluctuation between bills, helping you to monitor how much electricity you are actually using.

How to read your meter

There are three different types of meters - digital, electronic and dial. You must submit readings for all meters at the same time.

Digital meters

Simply read the meter numbers from left to right, ignoring the last number. In this example the meter readings are 450 and 1906.

Dial meters

The two top dials, 1/100 and 1/10 are for testing purposes only, so you can ignore them. Read the other four meters from left to right. When reading this type of meter, always take the number that the dial has just passed, even though this may not necessarily be the closest number to the dial.

Note that in the example above, dials 1 and 3 read clockwise and dials 2 and 4 read anti-clockwise. In this example the meter reading is 9704.

Electronic meters

These displays show readings for more than one meter. You can view the readings by either pushing a button or scrolling automatically. The display will also show a total reading of the two or more meters combined. Please send us only the individual readings.

The reading illustrated shows a reading of 19345.

Please note it is not possible for customers to perform their own reads on smart meters as smart meters show the total amount of electricy usage.