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Welcome to Meridian

Giving you the power to make a difference

Nature is speaking and it’s time for us to listen.

Now, more than ever we need to work together because taking care of nature is the only way forward. We’re committed to doing good things with our energy and to show this, we’re working on a range of projects to help Aotearoa decarbonise and achieve a net-zero carbon future. Simply put, when nature thrives, we all thrive.


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Making power matter

When it comes to working with communities, we don’t stop at our generation assets. We consider ourselves lucky to partner and work with organisations who share our values and are making a difference all over New Zealand.

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KidsCan child eating breakfast

Giving kids a kickstart with KidsCan

We believe that every child deserves a decent start at life. Currently, one in five kids in New Zealand live in hardship. KidsCan offer practical, hands-on assistance to thousands of children in schools up and down the country.

As principal partners of KidsCan, we work with them to make sure that kiwi kids have the essentials, so they have the opportunity for a better future.

About KidsCan
Tukaha Kakapo

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Kākāpō are a taonga species. Sadly, with just over 200 left, theses nocturnal, flightless parrots sit firmly on the endangered species list.
We work with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Ngāi Tahu to help fund research and initiatives. The Kākāpō Recovery Programme aims to take the kākāpō off the endangered list and bring them back to their former glory.

About Kākāpō Recovery Programme
Tukaha Kakapo
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The future is electric

At Meridian, we believe that decarbonisation is key for the future of our planet. We’re committed to doing good things with our energy, and helping you do good things with yours.

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    Electric vehicles

    At Meridian, electric vehicles (EVs) get us pretty charged up. Know the feeling? Nice. There are heaps of reasons why going electric is a good decision for the planet, your lifestyle and your pocket. We’ve got Electric Car Plans for your home and your business. So, if you’re an EV owner, or you want to be, we can help make your charging options as easy as flicking the switch.

  • Process Heat 380

    Process Heat Electrification

    We believe that electrifying New Zealand’s process heat industry presents a real, tangible difference for our future. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re up for it. Keen to kick your coal dependency to the curb? We’ve developed a programme to get you started, and we’re committed to keeping up the support down the line.

  • Certified 380

    Certified Renewable Energy

    Certified Renewable Energy (Certified) is a product for businesses who want to walk the talk. It enables you to report your Scope 2 electricity emissions – the ones linked to your electricity usage – as zero*. Certified demonstrates your business’s support for 100% renewable energy generation and a clear commitment to sustainability.

*Using the market-based reporting methodology as per the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Standards

The Good Energy

We’re a power company that generates electricity from 100% renewable sources. But we know that the buck doesn’t stop there. We reckon that knowledge is power, and we’re keen to share ours. Check out all our tips, tricks, stories and articles about how you can join us on the mission to take care of our communities and our planet.

Farming for the environment v3

Sustainable farming tips

Running machinery might be a necessity, but there are ways to cut back your usage to save power and money.

Electric vehicles in New Zealand v3

Electric vs hybrid cars

Wondering what the difference is between hybrid and fully electric cars? We’ve listed the pros and cons for both.


Forever Forests

We’re chucking on our gumboots and planting 1.5 million trees across New Zealand to offset our carbon emissions.