Christchurch customers beware of scammers

We’re asking our Christchurch customers to be vigilant for scammers after reports of hoax phone calls and a house visit from people claiming to be from Meridian. Find out more...

Experiencing a fault or power outage?

No power?

We will give you at least four business days' notice of planned interruptions, unless the interruption is urgently required, in which case we will give as much notice as possible. If you have unexpectedly lost power at your property it could be due to either a widespread outage in your area or a localised fault at your own property.

If you live in one of the network areas listed below please call your network company to report your fault or outage.

If your network area is not listed below please call us on 0800 496 496 if you experience a power outage or fault. If you call between 7.30am-7.30pm Monday-Friday your call will be dealt with by our Energy Centre, outside of these times it will be handled by our out-of-hours service.

Network Companies to call direct


Auckland / Northland


Rest of North Island


Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast


Canterbury and Districts


Otago and Southland


Lines down or a dangerous/hazardous situation?

Phone your network company immediately to alert them to the situation. For your safety please treat all electrical lines or wires, at all times, as live and therefore deadly. If you cannot get through to your network company call Meridian on 0800 496 496.

Medically dependent without power?

If someone in your household is medically dependent on electricity, or depends on electricity for reasons of age, health or disability, and if disconnection poses a threat to their health or wellbeing, please contact us as soon as possible. Read our non-emergency information for medically dependent customers. During a power cut, use your backup battery or generator if you have one, if you don’t have backup power then please contact a family member or friend who has power, or if none of these options are available please go to your nearest hospital.

Staying safe during a power cut

During a power cut, we recommend that you:

  • Disconnect all sensitive electrical equipment such as computers
  • Switch off potentially hazardous equipment such as heaters
  • Treat all sockets as live at all times for your own safety

Being prepared for emergency power cuts

Keep in mind that your power supply can be interrupted due to a number of events and weather situations so we suggest you stay prepared with a well stocked emergency survival kit.

Please see clause 7 of our Standard Terms and Conditions to read more about electricity interruptions.