Christchurch customers beware of scammers

We’re asking our Christchurch customers to be vigilant for scammers after reports of hoax phone calls and a house visit from people claiming to be from Meridian. Find out more...

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1. Where you live

Where you live makes a difference to the price you pay for electricity.

Meridian has different price plans for each area. We split the network and energy charges on your bill so you can see the cost of each.

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2. How much you use

The amount of power you use also makes a difference to the price.

There are two levels of electricity use – standard and low.
Standard users pay a higher daily rate in return for a slightly lower price per unit of electricity used.

Low users pay a lower daily rate in return for a higher price per unit of electricity used.
Learn more about standard and low usage

3. Your choice of pack

The price you pay for power is also influenced by the type of pricing you choose.

We offer a choice of two packs – so you can decide whether you like greater certainty with fixed rate pricing or the flexibility of variable rate pricing. Fixed rate pricing is a contract with a set rate for a fixed period of time and break fees may apply. Variable rate pricing means there is no fixed term contract, and rates can change with 30 days notice.

You can also choose how you wish to receive and pay your bill. We offer prompt payment discounts if you pay your bill in full and on time.

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