NZAS contract (consolidated and redacted) (PDF)
NZAS contract model (redacted) (XLS)
NZAS Electricity swap confirmation (PDF)
NZAS amendment letter (PDF)
NZAS MEL amendment letter (PDF)

Smelter Demand Response

Under the NZAS contract, Meridian can by notice to NZAS require a Smelter Demand Response (SDR) when the relevant hydro storage is less than the Dry Year Trigger Level. 

If Meridian gives NZAS an SDR notice, NZAS must start to reduce electricity consumption by a date specified by Meridian which must be between 14 and 40 days after NZAS’s receipt of Meridian’s notice. 

Under an SDR, NZAS must manage its electricity consumption to achieve a reduction in electricity consumption of 250GWh over 130 days, with all material reductions in load occurring within 7 days of the date that NZAS is required to start reducing consumption.