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Electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand

The future is electric. Make a move.

It’s no secret that we believe the future is electric. Our light passenger fleet is 100% electric and we're well on the way to converting our other vehicles. 

Our team is passionate and knowledgeable about driving and charging electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand. If you’re new to the world of EVs, you might be a little unsure about how to get started, but we’re keen to help. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) 

Considering an electric car for your home or business? Congratulations on taking a step towards a greener and more sustainable future! We’re here to help navigate your EV journey. From what they are and why we love them, to what they cost to run, what kind of electric cars you can buy, and, of course, a dedicated power plan for EV drivers.

1. EVs versus hybrids

Not sure whether to invest in a hybrid or go all the way with an electric vehicle? Here’s some handy info to help you weigh up the options for your home or business – take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of EVs and hybrid cars.

EVs or hybrid – what's right for you?
EV plan

2. Is it worth buying a second-hand Nissan Leaf? 

We chatted with Sophie, a mother of two from Wellington, about buying and owning a second-hand Nissan Leaf and how that’s working out for her family. Learn about how she determined how much battery range she needed and what her typical charging routine looks like.

See what Sophie had to say
A person with a Nissan Leaf at Zero charging station

3. Cost comparison

Crunching the numbers on an electric car or EV for your home or business? Here’s some handy information to help you decide.

Plug vs pump cost comparison
EV charging

EV charging solutions for home, business and on the go

Keep calm and charge on. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

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    Home charging

    Make yourself at home. Charge your EV smarter, for less. Get cheaper charging from 9pm to 7am, plus 6 months’ worth of free home charging.*^

  • Zero EV charging network illustration

    Public charging

    We’re here for you—wherever you go. With Zero, our public EV charging network, you have the power to take charge and go the distance.

  • Business charging icon

    Business charging

    Keep your business moving. We offer flexible, end-to-end solutions for the installation and support of EV chargers at your business premises.

Our partners

Have you recently purchased an EV from one of our partners? Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you.


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