Meridian Energy is asking customers to be vigilant for scammers after reports of hoax phone calls from people claiming to be from Meridian.

If you receive a call from people saying they are from Meridian asking for your credit card or bank account details and you do not have an outstanding account with Meridian, please do not give out any of your personal information. Hang up and call us directly on 0800 496 496 (Meridian Energy customer contact centre).

We generate more than 30% of New Zealand's electricity, from renewable sources

Power for the 21st century

Powering today, protecting tomorrow

Electricity is an

Essential Service

underpinning our economy

We are

New Zealand's Largest

hydro generator & wind farm operator 1

We produce approximately

30% of NZ's Electricity

making us the largest generator 2

We have over

350,000 customers

connections in NZ & Australia 3

We only generate power from 

Renewable Resources

like wind and water

We're recognised as a

Highly Efficient Operator

of hydro assets when benchmarked against global peers 4

We operate a wind farm portfolios that's

Significantly More Productive

than international averages 5

We've successfully built

Renewable Projects Offshore

Including Australia, Antarctica, USA and Tonga

1. Based on the five year averages of each of Meridian’s hydro generation and wind generation (GWh) as a proportion of New Zealand’s total hydro generation and wind generation. 2. Calculated as the five year average of Meridian’s total generation (GWh) as a proportion of New Zealand’s total generation.  3. Installation control points (ICPs) for the year ended 30 June 2016. 4. Based on long run averages calculated by Meridian using data sourced from the GKS (Generation Knowledge Services) Benchmarking Survey, February 2013: a study of 419 stations (representing over 100,000 MW in total) primarily from North America but also with global representation. 5. Based on capacity factor: the ratio of the actual energy produced in a given period, to the hypothetical maximum possible. Each of Meridian’s New Zealand wind farm capacity factors is compared against average capacity factors by country for 2012. Navigant Research, World Market Update 2012.