Good Energy

How we use our power to make a difference


At Meridian, we’re absolutely committed to generating electricity from 100% renewable resources.

We’re always striving to do good things with our energy and that includes empowering you to do good things with yours. There are heaps of ways that you can use your power to make a difference. Check out all our tips, tricks, stories and articles about how you can join us on the mission to take care of our communities and our planet.


Energy efficiency and saving power

When it comes to saving power, it goes well beyond simply flicking the switch off at the wall. There are heaps of ways that you can make a difference. Calculating the amount of power your appliances use, adjusting your windows, doors and lighting, and considering the seasons are all ways to be more energy efficient. You might make your bills feel a bit lighter too.

Save money on hot water HEADER

Save money on hot water

There are heaps of ways to be a bit more considered about how you use hot water and make some sweet savings in the process.

SMB  Youve got the power

Meridian App

Let us help you, help yourself. Check out how you can view your usage, your bills and manage your account information.

Timers and Sensors HEADER v2

Timers and sensors

Low cost and relatively easy to install, timers and sensors control lighting and electricity when rooms and appliances aren’t being used.

Electric Vehicles in New Zealand

We believe that electric vehicles (EVs) have a key role to play in climate action by reducing the use of fossil fuels. They’re a tangible way that we can make a difference and that’s pretty exciting stuff. We get it though, there’s a lot to consider and making the switch can be a bit daunting. That’s where we come in. We’ve broken down all things EV – what they are, what they cost, and why we think they’re great, so you’ve got all the info you need to get started on your electric journey.

Hayden Paddon and Kirsten Corson

Charging ahead with Hayden Paddon – Episode 2

We’re back with Hayden Paddon, Kiwi World Rally Championship (WRC) stage winner, and Kirsten Corson, EV enthusiast, to cover all things EV to help you make the switch to drive electric.

The top six advantages of driving an EV CARD

Advantages of driving an EV

There are heaps of benefits to driving an electric vehicle. We’ve narrowed it down to the top six reasons to go electric.

Electric vehicles in New Zealand v3

Electric vs hybrid cars

Wondering what the difference is between hybrid and fully electric cars? We’ve listed the pros and cons for both.

Zero EV charging station Wellington

Zero, our EV charging network

It’s no secret that we’re excited about electric vehicles – so excited that we’re building one of the country’s largest EV charging networks!

Plug vs pump an electric car cost compariso CARD


How much does it cost to buy an EV? And how much does it cost to charge?

Electric and hybrid cars HEADER

Tackling rural NZ in an EV

Electric cars are all well and good, until you remember you’re not a townie and your nearest charging station is an hour’s drive away. Right? Well... not quite.

Charging an electric vehicle CARD v2

Charging EVs

Unlike petrol stations, chargers for your EV aren’t quite so common. Don't worry though, you’ve got options.

Farming for the environment

We aren’t experts at farming, but as we always say, we know our stuff when it comes to power. And just like at home, there are heaps of ways that you can make your farm more energy efficient. We’ve got a few tips and tricks lined up to help you make some small changes that’ll make a big difference to the environment, and your bottom line.

Farming for the environment v3

Sustainable farming tips

Running machinery might be a necessity, but there are ways to cut back your usage to save power and money.

Meridian Energy irrigation prices

Irrigation tips

Whatever your farm, precision irrigation could deliver benefits.

Partnerships and Communities

Being a part of the community and playing our part for the environment is a huge part of what we do at Meridian. That’s why we partner with organisations like the Department of Conservation (DOC), KidsCan and Ngāi Tahu.

Kakapo Angelo

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

The kākāpō is an endangered national treasure but, along with the Department of Conservation and Ngāi Tahu, we’re helping bring this taonga species back from the brink of extinction.

KidsCan child eating breakfast

KidsCan Partnership

Education can help a child get out of poverty, but kids can’t learn when they’re cold, wet or hungry and that’s why we’ve been proud principal partners of KidsCan since 2013.


It’s why we’re planting trees to offset our carbon emissions through our Forever Forests programme, and why we support the grassroots projects of our local asset communities. You can read all about it here – because want to show you that when it comes to taking care of Papatūānuku (mother earth), we say what we mean, and we do what we say.

Meridian car by wind turbines

Halving our emissions by 2030

Meridian is on a mission to help Aotearoa decarbonise, and part of that includes reducing our own carbon emissions. By 2030, we plan to reduce our gross operational emissions by 50 percent.

Harapaki wind farm landscape

Avifauna at Harapaki

A dedicated avifauna monitoring team is working to minimise the wind farm’s impact on local birdlife.


Forever Forests

We’re chucking on our gumboots and planting 1.5 million trees across New Zealand to offset our carbon emissions.

Good Energy Groundbreakers

Good Energy Groundbreakers are New Zealanders from all walks of life leading the way to a zero-carbon Aotearoa. Each of them has overcome the challenge of transitioning to cleaner energy, proving that as a country we have the ideas, the technology and the ambition to make this happen.

Summit cleaning staff using water blaster

Commercial cleaning goes green

Every day, hundreds of commercial water blasters are pressed into service around New Zealand. They keep our built environments clean but there’s a catch. They’re surprisingly bad for the environment.

Forest Lodge Orchard electrification

How to electrify an orchard

How a small farm near Wānaka changed one couple’s lives - and kickstarted a global movement to grow food completely free of fossil fuels.

Timber Trail Lodge

An eco lodge worthy of its name

In the Central North Island, a unique lodge is proving it's possible to run an eco friendly tourism business in Aotearoa without burning through fossil fuels.