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Lock in a hot solar buy-back power plan

We’ll buy your excess solar power for 17c/kWh and give you a $300 credit* – exclusive to our five-year fixed rate Solar Plan.

Already have solar at your place? You could lock in an epic buy-back rate for five years, take control of your power bill and do your bit for the environment. It’s a win-win, win.

Why choose Meridian for solar?

  • Feel good

    Competitive buy-back rate

    You’re guaranteed a buy-back rate of 17c/kWh for five years on our Solar Plan, giving you peace of mind in times of rising cost of living. We also provide buyer-created tax invoices, a real time-saving benefit for GST-registered customers.
  • App

    Power up with our app

    Check your bill. Track your power. Add your meter readings. Our app has all the handy information you need, when you need it.
  • Pay your way

    Pay your own way

    Prefer to pay by credit card, debit card or direct debit? Fortnightly or monthly? If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Five-year Solar Plan not right for you? Compare our power plans

Whether you’re on a Meridian Solar Plan or not, we can buy-back excess solar power you’ve generated. You’ll get the best rate when you sign up to our Solar Plan, but we also have plans to suit your lifestyle – like if you’re a proud EV owner or want to add your bach.

Plan comparison


Buy-back rate



Solar Plan 17c/kWh $300 credit* 5 years
EV Plan 12c/kWh** 50% off night + 6 months' worth of free charging^ 2 years
Fixed term plan 12c/kWh** $200 credit^ 2 years
Freedom Plan 12c/kWh** $10 credit per month for a year^ none
Bach plan 12c/kWh** No daily charges^ 2 years


  • These buy-back rates apply to all solar panel systems with a rated capacity of up to 10kW. If you’re interested in equipment that generates more than 10kW, talk to us about your options.
  • Rates do not include GST. If you’re GST registered, we’ll need your GST number when you sign up.
  • For more information read our Onsite Renewable Generation Terms and Conditions, which apply to the generation of electricity on your premises and the exporting of electricity into the network.
  • Note that some network companies charge for exporting energy back to us. Your pricing plan will include this variable rate network export charge if it applies in your network area.
  • Solar Plan Credit terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
  • ** The buy-back rate is variable during the Term and subject to change with 30 days' notice.
  • ^ Terms, conditions and eligibliity criteria apply. 6 months' worth of free charging is paid in the form of a monthly credit valued at $35/month and only available on our EV Plan. $35 per month represents the average electricity cost each month of charging an electric vehicle on Meridian’s Anytime Plan. Charging between the hours of 9pm and 7am on Meridian’s EV Plan will result in a lower average electricity cost compared with Meridian’s Anytime Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about moving your solar power to Meridian? Find the answer here:

How do I start selling my solar power back to the grid?

Sign up with us (if you haven’t already). You’ll also need an import/export meter which – if you're connected to the electricity grid – would have been installed when you had your solar installed. An import/export meter has two registers – one to record the energy you use and the other to track the electricity you export back to the national grid. If you don’t yet have solar or you’re getting grid connected, we’ll work alongside you, your solar provider; or we’ll help you organise a meter installer to ensure you have the right meter. An import/export meter costs around $150.

I don’t have solar yet. How do I get started?

We recommend reaching out to local solar installers in your area and getting multiple quotes. Check product warranties and get your questions answered. Installers should look at your yearly power consumption and size the solar system to maximise self-consumption (this is the energy you use that comes from your own solar system).

Can I be on more than one Meridian plan?

Each property can only be on one plan at a time. If our ‘Solar Plan’ does not work for you, you will still get a 12c/kWh* buy-back rate for excess solar with our other plans.

*12c/kWh rate is variable during the term of your plan.

Get a quote for our Solar Plan

Fill in a few details below and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions or if you’re ready, get the sign up process started.

You’ll need an import/export meter installed before we can buy your solar, but we’ll help you get one installed if needed. Chat with us about your meter.

Solar solutions for big and small business

If you’re a business powered by solar, or you’d like to be, we’ve got you covered. We’re leaders in renewable energy. We walk the talk, and we help Aotearoa’s businesses do the same.

Solar plan not right for you?

We’ve got options – check our other plans

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