Power fit for each season?
It's a no-brainer.


Brian Beardmore’s a traditional kind of guy. The 82-year-old has owned his Taranaki farm for almost sixty years. And although son and daughter-in-law Mark and Sandy manage the farm now, he’s still out and about every day, he still pays the bills by cheque, and still much prefers talking business – or otherwise – round the kitchen table, rather than over the phone.

So it turns out that when Meridian knocked on the Beardmore’s door six years ago to chat power over a cuppa, we were off to a good start.

“But the price had to be right,” says Brian. And in this case, it was, in the form of seasonal rates.

1,000 cows, 250 replacement young stock, 550 hectares and two properties calls for a fair bit of power. So the Beardmores considered it a no-brainer to choose rates that were at their lowest when they're using the most energy.

“When our consumption is at its peak, that’s when we’re getting the best rates,” says Mark.

“It’s such an advantage for our business.”

Mark says the team sat round the table, did the maths and it was clear they’d be better off having the power under one roof instead of the two or three suppliers they were dealing with.

“When we put everything together and looked at the benefits, there was certainly money to be saved by going with Meridian.”

Brian and Mark are also impressed with the way their farm is treated like an individual business, with a dedicated account manager who understands them.

“The key thing for us is that we can text or ring Gina if we need anything with any of our sites. Having one personal contact is a big reason we’re with Meridian. Working with Gina we get satisfaction with someone knowing our business, and confidence that we’re getting the best rates year in, year out.”

Gina says she keeps tabs on the Beardmores’ account so if she notices any changes in consumption, she’ll have a conversation about what they might be doing differently.

“Then we’d check that the plans and rates they’re on still suit – it’s just keeping frequent account reviews going.

“We know that things change on farm, and when they do, we’re ready to make sure their power set-up still works well or change it if we need to.”

For Brian, there's no two ways about it.  

“For us loyalty is important. We will stay loyal provided that we’re getting great customer service and the best rates available.”

And do they get that from Meridian?

“Definitely. That’s why we’ve been with Meridian for over six years, and unless anything changes, we’ll be sticking around.”


Sound good?

We’re probably biased. But we reckon it’s hard to argue with rates that work with the seasons, an account manager that gets you and your farm, and extra benefits from billing through your rural supplier.

If you agree (or you need more convincing), give our Agribusiness team a bell on 0800 496 444. They’ll set you up (or set you straight).