Meridian Energy Limited 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting

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Please find linked below the following announcements that will be delivered at Meridian Energy Limited’s Annual Shareholder Meeting today at 10.00am which will be held as a virtual meeting:

a) Chair’s address

b) Chief Executive’s review (page 6)

c) Presentation to shareholders.

The meeting can be accessed through Computershare’s Meeting Platform

To access the meeting:
- Click ‘Go’ under the Meridian Energy Limited meeting;

Shareholders will require their CSN/Securityholder Numbers which can be found in their email broadcasts and on their proxy forms for verification purposes.



Jason Woolley
Company Secretary
Meridian Energy Limited


For investor relations queries, please contact:
Owen Hackston
Investor Relations Manager
021 246 4772
For media queries, please contact:
Meridian Energy Media Team
0800 948 843