Potential increase to maximum unit capacity at Manapōuri power station

  • Generation news

In January 2024 Meridian announced that it had applied for dispensation to operate each generating unit at Manapōuri Power Station up to a maximum capacity of 131.5 MW. This would be an increase of 3.5 MW per unit, and up to an additional 21 MW in total if six units were operating.

We noted at the time that the increase in unit capacity was subject to Transpower’s approval of a dispensation application and that we were working with Transpower to resolve previously identified issues with the aim being to have the additional Manapōuri peaking capability available prior to Winter 2024.

This work is taking longer than we anticipated and we now do not expect to be granted the dispensation ahead of Winter 2024. We will continue to work with Transpower and instead aim to have the extra Manapōuri unit capacity available prior to Winter 2025.