Power cuts & electricity outages

Has your power gone out? Report it

A power cut could be due to a widespread outage, or a localised fault at your place. The first thing to do is to contact either your network company or us to report your power outage.

If you can't find your network company, or they don't take calls about faults, ring us on 0800 496 496.

North Island

South Island

Keep well clear of dangerous situations

If power lines are down or you see other dangers, keep well clear. Treat all electrical lines and wires as if they are live and deadly.

Tell your network company immediately. If you can’t reach them, call us on 0800 496 496

During a power cut, do these things to reduce risk:

  • unplug sensitive electrical equipment like computers
  • unplug potentially dangerous equipment like heaters
  • treat all sockets as if they’re live.

Use your backup plan if your health depends on your power supply

Do you rely on mains electricity for medical care? Are you elderly or disabled? Would disconnecting electricity cause serious harm, or threaten the health or wellbeing of you or anyone in your household? If an outage occurs, put your backup plan in action. If you have a backup power supply like a battery or a generator, switch to that. If you don’t, then contact a family member or friend who has power. If you can’t do that, go to your nearest hospital.

We’ll tell you about planned outages — but be prepared

When power cuts are planned, for example to work on power lines, we will give you at least four business days’ notice. If the cut is required more urgently, we’ll give you as much notice as possible.

Because so many things can cause a power cut, keep a well-stocked emergency kit.