Take control of how much power you use and get things done on the go.

Features to make your life easier:

  • pay your bill and see your account balance
  • check how much power you’ve used
  • set up an email alert to give you a heads up if you’re tracking towards a high bill.

These are just a few of the handy features you’ll get access to.

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See your power usage

See your power usage graphed by hour, day month or year, in either dollars or kWh units.

power use graphs

Keep your account details up to date

Update your phone, email and contact methods

update your details

See your latest transactions and bills

See all of your transactions as well as get a copy of all your bills.


Set up payment methods & make payments

Make manual payments on your accounts, and turn on automatic payments using a credit card or direct debit.

update payments

Turn on usage and high bill alerts

Get weekly or monthly power use summaries, and turn on high bill alerts if it looks like you're headed for a higher bill than usual.

alerts and notifications

Export your power or billing data

Want to do some analysis? export the raw power use and billing data for use in other tools, or for analysis.

data export

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