How to read your meter

If you’re sending us your readings, an easy way to read your meter is to take a digital photograph. Or write the readings down — here are instructions for each kind of meter.

Do you have more than one meter on your property? Read all of them, and send us all the readings at onceYou need to read all your meters.

If you are having trouble reading your meter - Contact us

Smart meters

If you are charged more than one rate (like day/night, or for more than one dwelling on the property), we need the readings for each rate.

Press the button that’s usually at the right of the screen, depending on the model:

  • the screen will scroll through the register readings (the numbers showing the amount of energy used)
  • or you may need to push the button again to scroll from one rate to the next.

smart meter

Reading a smart meter - video tutorial

Pointer dial meters

  • Ignore the top two red dials.
  • Take care when you read the bottom four dials. ‘1000’ and ‘10’ are clockwise. ‘100’ and ’1’ are anticlockwise.
  • Read the number that the pointer has just passed, even though this may not be the closest number to the pointer.

In the example image shown, the reading is 9704.

dial meter

Reading a pointer dial meter - video tutorial

Digital meters

  • Read the meter numbers from left to right, ignoring the last number.
    • In this example the meter readings are 450 and 1906.
    • The red pointer shows this meter is running on the ‘normal’ rate.

digital meter

Reading a digital meter - video tutorial

Import / export meters

If you generate your own power and feed your surplus back into the grid, you’ll have an import/export meter. There are many different kinds of import/export meters. If you have trouble reading your meter, please send us a photo of it. We’ll get in touch soon.