If you have no power, and you need it urgently connected (within 2 working days), or if someone on site is medically dependent on power, please call us on 0800 496 777 instead of filling in this form.

If you are a body corporate, registered/unregistered trust, partnership or incorporated society, then we can't join you online, please fill in this application form and send it back to us or get in touch. If you are an Unregistered Trust please join here

If your business has more than one location, then please call us or get in touch.

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The company is liable for all charges incurred on the account. We need details for one of the directors to run a credit check.

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Choose Yes if you're moving property, or have just moved but haven't signed up with a power provider yet.

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You can find your ICP number on any electricity bill. It's the unique number of the connection point between your property and the power line.


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An additional account holder can make decisions about electricity on your behalf. We’ll communicate with them — for example, about planned power cuts — but they are not liable for your account.

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Vulnerable means either:

- relying on mains electricity because of age, health, or disability (a power cut may threaten health or wellbeing)

- having genuine difficulty paying bills due to financial hardship

More about vulnerable customers

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