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Our locations

Think global, be local

We've got offices in locations where you you'll want to live and work, and we've packed them with top-notch people.

Auckland office g


The Auckland office is located near Auckland Airport on Leonard Isitt Drive. It's the base for our Auckland staff, including our Telesales and Corporate Key Account Managers teams.

Auckland office g
wellington office


As Meridian’s corporate office, Queens Wharf has more than 300 staff from across the company. In particular, it is the location of the corporate business teams and is the base for the Chief Executive.

christchurch office


The Durham St office in Christchurch is Meridian’s biggest location in the South Island and is the base for over 350 Meridian staff.

christchurch office
twizel office


Twizel office is the base from which we run our assets in the south island. These assets include the Waitaki chain and Manapouri Hydro assets.

People aren't our only assets

Meridian folk get to work in some incredible places right across the country, you could find yourself travelling on a ferry every day, working underground in one of the world's greatest engineering feats.

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Hydro stations

Most of Meridian's electricity is made from the energy of falling water. Our hydro stations generate enough electricity to power around 1.4 million homes each year.

Our hydro stations
111 Hydro Waitaki Aerial 2012 Smaller
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Wind farms

Our wind farms are significantly more productive than international averages, generating enough electricity to power around 152,000 homes each year.

Our wind farms