Could the saxophone help save a species?

It’s well known that music gets people in the mood for love, so to support other innovations like Smart Eggs, we hatched a plan to help get endangered kākāpō in the mood to breed using the most romantic instrument in the world: the saxophone.

Now, using saxophones to get kākāpō breeding is still in its experimental phase. But with (at the time) only 147 birds left, we reckoned it was worth a punt.

See for yourself by watching the video, or show your support by donating to the Kākāpō Recovery Programme, or downloading the song for free below.

Who knows, it might even work on you.

download the song donate

(The song is best downloaded on desktop with Google Chrome. Once you click the download button above, the song will automatically open and play. Then, click the three dots on the right to download.)