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Access to your consumption data

Recent changes to industry regulations mean that you can now access up to 2 years of your consumption data in a standard format from us if you are (or have been) a customer of ours during that period.

Access your data online

Using your online tools you can download a copy of your data, in multiple formats, with the ability to change the columns in the file or set recurring exports.

Request your data from us directly

If you would like to request this please email us at service@meridianenergy.co.nz. You’ll need to let us know whether you would like a detailed consumption file (13A) or summarised billed consumption file (13B) when you make your request.

Are you an agent acting on behalf of a customer?

Meridian requires written authorisation from our customer before providing you with any data (a letter of authority or LOA).

Agent authorisation form (PDF)

Please fill out the above form and return to us at business@meridianenergy.co.nz

Please note you must include the signature from the customer in order to confirm you are authorised to be sent this information

You can request information from us either by e-mail at business@meridianenergy.co.nz, or via the Electricity Authority Registry Hub.