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Billing types

Whether you have just one account with us or multiple, you can receive your monthly bills in a way that is easy for you to read and understand.

One-to-one billing

One-to-one billing is a great option for customers who prefer to have one account (and statement) per ICP.

With One-to-one billing you will receive:

  • one statement/invoice per account
  • one site detail page per account

The key features of One-to-one billing are:

  • each account receives a separate statement/tax invoice page i.e. for customers with multiple ICPs the billing for each is kept separate, as each ICP has it's own account.
  • each account may have a separate billing date. Please note you are not able to choose your billing date
  • each account may have a separate postal address

Account level billing

Account level billing is the best option for customers who prefer one statement for all sites. This applies for half-hourly (HH) or non-half-hourly (NHH) sites, however we cannot combine NHH and HH sites under one account.

With Account level billing you will receive:

  • one statement/tax invoice which covers all your ICP's
  • one site summary for all billed sites (for businesses with multiple sites)
  • one electricity usage and detail page per ICP

The key features of Account level billing are:

  • you can pay one amount per month
  • you will receive the electricity consumption details for each ICP
  • ICPs can be grouped together as it suits your business - e.g. by cost centre or location
  • each site detail page/s can either start on a new page (to keep separate) or run one after the other (back to back)

Summary billing

Summary billing is ideal for larger customers who prefer to group all accounts together (mix of one-to-one and/or account level billing) and also prefer the convenience of paying one amount each month. This applies for half hourly (HH) or non-half hourly (NHH) sites, however we cannot combine HH and NHH sites on the same summary.

It suits customers who want visibility of all their accounts and who may have multiple cost centres in their internal accounting system.

With Summary billing you will receive:

  • one summary of all your accounts
  • a separate statement/tax invoice per account
  • a site detail page per ICP

The key features of Summary billing are:

  • one total amount due on one date
  • each account has its own statement/tax invoice page
  • each account has the same billing date
  • your bill will be sent to one address

Please note with summary billing a remittance advice must be submitted via email (direct credit) when making payment.