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Pay your bill using internet/phone banking

Phone banking lets you pay your bill anytime, from just about anywhere. Contact your bank to get set up.

Internet banking is quick and simple.  


You pay your bill online at a time that suits you.

Our bank account number is 03-0502-0233680-07

To get set up, we need:

  1. Your account name
  2. Your account number

You can find your account number in the top right-hand corner of your electricity bill.

  • Log in to your internet banking account
  • Follow your bank’s process for setting up a bill payment
  • Enter these pieces of information – your name, and your account number, as shown below. We need both pieces of information.

Put in these details:

Particulars Code Reference
Account number Customer Number (optional) Account name


All New Zealand’s major banks have our bank details.