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You can view your bill online

  • See a copy of your bills.
  • Pay for all or part of your bill.
  • Set up a monthly amount to pay your balance each month.

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Receiving email communications (including bills)

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment, which includes how much paper and plastic waste we generate. Choosing to email customers is just one of the many things we’re doing as part of our commitment to the environment.

We understand that email isn't everyone’s first choice, but it is the most environmentally friendly choice. If you currently receive paper bills how about switching to email. You can do this here.


An overdue decision on prompt payment discounts

Meridian Energy has replaced prompt payment discounts with a monthly guaranteed discount of equal value to all customers from 1 October 2018. This is a positive change for everyone. 

We don’t want our customers to miss out on savings if they pay a few days late. The new way will mean everyone gets the same great savings, but without being impacted if they’re late on their payment date. 

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How to read your bill

Note: all amounts shown on your bill include GST.

  1. You’ll need your account or customer number when you talk to us or if you’d like to pay your bills via internet banking.
  2. Faults and emergencies shows the phone number you should call for any faults or emergencies, any time of the day or night.Information about our complaints resolution process and how to contact Utilities Disputes Limited.
  3. Changes to your previous balance show any payments you’ve made since your last bill or any credits/fees applied.
  4. The opening balance shows your current balance before this invoice. It includes any paments made or discounts applied.
  5. Current charges this bill is the total charge for the period covered on this bill.
  6. Total amount due is the total amount to pay (excluding any discounts).
  7. Discount shows any discount applied (if applicable).
  8. Discounted amount due* / Amount due shows you the total amount to pay and the due date. If you’re on LevelPay, your usual fixed amount will be taken out on the date we’ve agreed, you don’t need to make any other payments.
  9. This is the address and ICP number we’re supplying electricity to. An ICP number is the unique number for the electricity connection point between your property and the power line. The average daily supply graph shows the average daily amount of electricity (in kilowatt hours) used each month. For example, on this bill the person used an average of 20kWh per day in December.
  10. Meter includes your meter number and type, along with your previous and current readings.
  11. Units is the difference between these two readings and is the amount of electricity (in kilowatt hours) you’ve used in this bill period. If these readings don’t look accurate and you’d like to provide your own, please contact us.
  12. This shows if your current reading is an estimate or an actual.
  13. This is the name of your pricing plan (fixed or variable).
  14. This shows your meter type.
  15. This is how many units of electricity (in kilowatt hours) you’ve used since your last bill.
  16. Total electricity rate is the price of a unit of electricity (including GST).
  17. This is the cost of the electricity you've used – multiplying the rate by the quantity. 
  18. The New Zealand Electricity Authority (EA) regulates the electricity industry. It charges power companies a levy to cover its costs. We pass this charge on to you.
  19. Daily charge is a standard charge applied regardless of how much electricity you use.
  20. The total amount for all sites is the total amount to pay, including GST.

    *You’ll only see this if a discount is applicable.
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