Annual results / reports


Annual report [PDF, 3.2 MB] (PDF 5.6MB)
Investor letter [PDF, 397 KB]  (PDF 397KB) 
Annual results announcement [PDF, 133 KB] (PDF 133KB) 
Annual results presentation [PDF, 1.6 MB] (PDF 1.6MB) 
Annual results roadshow presentation [PDF, 1.8 MB] (PDF 1.8MB)
Full year financial results [PDF, 44 KB] (PDF 44KB) 
Financial assistance notice [PDF, 159 KB] (PDF 159KB) 
NZX appendix 1 [PDF, 521 KB] (PDF 521KB)
NZX appendix 7 - ordinary dividend [PDF, 92 KB] (PDF 92KB)
NZX appendix 7 - special dividend [PDF, 92 KB] (PDF 92KB)
ASX disclosures [PDF, 559 KB] (PDF 559KB)
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Annual report  [PDF, 4.9 MB](PDF 4.9MB)
Meridian investor letter [PDF, 1 MB] (PDF 1MB)
Annual results announcement [PDF, 270 KB] (PDF 270KB)
Annual results presentation [PDF, 2.2 MB] (PDF 2.2MB)
Annual financial statements [PDF, 2.1 MB] (PDF 2.1MB)
Further NZX and ASX disclosures [PDF, 800 KB] (PDF 800KB)
Watch the annual results announcement webcast  (external link)


Annual report [PDF, 3.2 MB](PDF 3.2MB)
Annual results financial statements [PDF, 818 KB] (PDF 818KB)
Annual results announcement [PDF, 21 KB](PDF 21KB)
Annual results presentation [PDF, 2.6 MB] (PDF 2.6MB)
Meridian Sustainability Report December 2013 [PDF, 1.4 MB] (PDF 1.4MB)


Annual report [PDF, 3.1 MB] (PDF 3.1MB)
 Annual results financial statements [PDF, 2.5 MB] (PDF 2.5MB)
 Annual results announcement [PDF, 22 KB] (PDF 22KB)
 Annual results presentation [PDF, 1.5 MB] (PDF 1.5MB)


Annual report [PDF, 3.1 MB] (PDF 3.1MB)
Annual report financial statements [PDF, 997 KB] (PDF 997KB)
Annual results announcement [PDF, 40 KB] (PDF 40KB)
Annual results presentation [PDF, 3.8 MB] (PDF 3.8MB)


Annual report [PDF, 3.8 MB] (PDF 3.8MB)
Annual results announcement [PDF, 76 KB] (PDF 76KB)
Annual results presentation [PDF, 2.8 MB] (PDF 2.8MB)


Annual report [PDF, 1.6 MB] (PDF 1.6MB)
Annual results presentation [PDF, 1.9 MB] (PDF 1.6MB)


Annual report [PDF, 2.1 MB] (PDF 2MB)


Annual report [PDF, 11 MB] (PDF 11MB)


Annual report commentary [PDF, 1.6 MB] (PDF 1.6MB)
Annual report financial statements [PDF, 313 KB] (PDF 313KB)