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Who does this guideline apply to?

This guideline applies to Meridian employees, contractors and visitors, as well as any member of the public in the vicinity of a Meridian office or generation site where Meridian CCTV is in operation.

This guideline explains why Meridian uses CCTV cameras and how CCTV footage at a Meridian site is captured, used, shared, stored and destroyed in accordance with Meridian’s responsibilities under the Privacy Act 1993.

Why does Meridian have CCTV and what’s it used for?

CCTV at Meridian sites is used for the following reasons:

  • To help prevent, detect and investigate criminal activity or potential criminal activity at, in relation to, or in in the vicinity of, a Meridian site.
  • To help prevent, detect or investigate any Health and Safety issue at, in relation to, or in in the vicinity of, a Meridian site.
  • To provide operational information at, in relation to, or in the vicinity of a Meridian site in relation to Meridian’s business.

Where is CCTV positioned?

CCTV cameras are positioned at Meridian sites solely to meet the purposes outlined above. Signs are located in all public areas where CCTV cameras are present and in reception areas to inform members of the public and staff of the presence of these cameras.

Who will monitor the CCTV cameras and have access to CCTV footage?

CCTV cameras are primarily viewed by assigned security monitors. In addition, a small group of managers and staff have limited access to the CCTV system for the purposes outlined above – safety and operations as well as security. The list of people provided access to the CCTV system is reviewed annually to ensure that this access is required to allow them to undertake their operational roles.

When will CCTV images be collected and how long will CCTV images be held for?

CCTV is recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Meridian sites.

CCTV images are securely disposed of by Meridian’s CCTV technology provider and/or appropriate Meridian staff members approximately 30 days after the footage has been captured, unless such footage is being used for one of the purposes outlined above. CCTV images collected from certain remote Meridian sites may be stored longer than 30 days.

How will CCTV images be stored?

CCTV images are stored by Meridian on a secure platform. Any CCTV images accessed by Meridian personnel will be stored on a secure server within the Meridian IT environment. Meridian places security protection on CCTV images prior to sharing these images with a third party

How will incidents captured by CCTV be reported and acted on?

CCTV images relating to criminal activity or potential criminal activity at Meridian sites may be referred to the Police, or other authorities as required for their appropriate use.

CCTV images relating to health and safety or operational issues at Meridian sites will be shared with relevant Meridian staff and other relevant parties, solely in connection with the purpose contained in this guideline.

Where any employee investigation is required due to CCTV footage observed, an investigation will be conducted with the employee following company policies.

Who will CCTV images be shared with?

As described above, only certain people have been granted access to the CCTV system and the associated images. Following a security, safety or operational event, CCTV images may be shown to other authorised Meridian staff including the Privacy Officer, the Risk Manager, the Legal Team and specific Meridian management and operational personnel. These images will only be shown to this wider group solely to meet the purpose outlined above.

Third parties are able to request copies of CCTV images on request as detailed below:

Requests by individuals:
Under the Privacy Act, individuals have rights to access and correct their personal information from agencies that hold it. Any request by an individual to view CCTV footage they believe relates to them must be made via email to Meridian within 20 business days of the footage in question being recorded using the address privacy@meridianenergy.co.nz.

Such requests will be referred to Meridian’s Privacy Officer and/or the Meridian Legal Team for consideration, taking into account whether the footage is readily retrievable, the need to protect other people’s privacy and any other relevant factors under the Privacy Act or other applicable legislation.

If a request to view the footage is unable to be granted, a written description may what the person is doing in the footage will be provided within 20 business days of the initial request.

Other Requests:
From time to time, Meridian may receive requests for CCTV footage from various third parties, most likely the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Land Search and Rescue or other public sector agencies. Such requests are made using statutory powers, pursuant to court orders or under the exceptions contained in Principles 10 and 11 of the Privacy Act which allow for CCTV footage to be used or disclosed if:

  • the use or disclosure is necessary for court or tribunal proceedings;
  • the use or disclosure is necessary to enable a public sector agency (often the Police) to uphold the law. This includes enabling them to prevent, detect, investigate, prosecute and punish offences; or
  • the use or disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to public health and safety or the life and health of an individual.

Any request for CCTV footage made by a third party will be reviewed by the Meridian Privacy Officer and Meridian Legal team prior to any information being shared.

Who should you contact if they have any questions or complaints about this guideline?

Any general questions or complaints relating to this guideline or Meridian’s use of CCTV should be sent via email to the Meridian Privacy Officer at privacy@meridianenergy.co.nz or via the mail:

Meridian Energy
PO Box 2128
Christchurch 8140

Note that the Privacy Officer may share any questions or complaints received with parties both within Meridian and with other third parties in order to investigate an issue, and will respond in writing to all questions and complaints within 20 business days of receipt.

How will we know that the guideline is being complied with?

Meridian’s Physical Security Steering Group including the Meridian Privacy Officer and the Meridian Risk Manager are responsible for the implementation and operation of this guideline, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance with it.

How can this guideline be changed?

Meridian reserves the right, at our discretion, to alter this CCTV guideline at any time. Changes to this guideline will take effect immediately once they are published on www.meridian.co.nz/cctv. Please check this guideline regularly for modifications and updates.