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What is this policy and who does it apply to? 

Meridian uses CCTV cameras at Meridian offices and generation sites. This footage is captured, used, shared, stored and destroyed in accordance with Meridian’s responsibilities under the Privacy Act 2020. 

Why does Meridian have CCTV and what is it used for? 

CCTV at Meridian offices and sites is used for various business-related purposes including:  

  1. To help prevent, detect or investigate any Health and Safety issue at, in relation to, or in in the vicinity of, a Meridian office or site. 
  2. To provide operational information related to Meridian’s business at, in relation to, or in the vicinity of a Meridian office or site. 
  3. To help prevent, detect and investigate criminal activity or potential criminal activity at, in relation to, or in in the vicinity of, a Meridian office or site. 

Where is CCTV positioned? 

CCTV cameras are positioned at Meridian offices and sites to meet the purposes outlined above. Areas where CCTV cameras are present are signposted. 

Who has access to the CCTV footage? 

CCTV camera footage is primarily accessed and viewed by our operational teams for the purposes outlined above, e.g., health and safety, operational awareness, and security; as well as our technology team, who support the system. 

Meridian maintains a list of personnel who have access to the CCTV system. 

When is CCTV footage collected and how long is footage held for? 

CCTV footage is recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Meridian offices and sites. 

CCTV footage is generally automatically destroyed 90 days after the footage has been captured, unless it is being used for one of the purposes outlined above. 

How is CCTV footage stored? 

CCTV footage is securely stored by Meridian. 

Who will CCTV footage be shared with? 

Following a security, safety or operational event, CCTV footage may be shared with Meridian staff. 

CCTV footage relating to criminal activity or potential criminal activity may be referred to the Police, or other authorities. 

CCTV footage relating to health and safety, or operational activities may be shared with Meridian staff and other parties.   

Individuals can request copies of CCTV footage as detailed below: 

Requests by individuals: 

Under the Privacy Act, individuals have rights to access and correct their personal information from agencies that hold it. Any request by an individual to view CCTV footage they believe relates to them should be made via email to Meridian using the address privacy@meridianenergy.co.nz. 

Such requests will be referred to Meridian’s Privacy Officer and/or the Meridian Legal Team for consideration. 

Other Requests: 

From time to time, Meridian receives requests for CCTV footage from third parties, such as the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Land Search and Rescue or other public sector agencies. 

Any request for CCTV footage made by a third party will be reviewed by the Meridian Privacy Officer and Meridian Legal team prior to any information being shared. 

Who to contact about this policy?  

Any general questions or complaints relating to this policy or Meridian’s use of CCTV should be sent via email to the Meridian Privacy Officer at privacy@meridianenergy.co.nz or via mail: 

Meridian Energy 
PO Box 2128 
Christchurch 8140 

How is the policy complied with? 

Meridian’s Physical Security Steering Group is responsible for the implementation and operation of this policy, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance with it. 

How can this policy be changed? 

Meridian may alter this CCTV policy at any time. Changes to this policy will take effect immediately once they are published on the Meridian website www.meridian.co.nz/cctv.