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    Meridian Energy Limited’s Website Terms of Use set out below are a legal agreement between you, the website user and Meridian. Please read them and our Privacy Policy. In summary, the terms set out the following.

    • Meridian's Privacy Policy covers how we treat your personal information.
    • You agree not to use this website for any illegal purpose.
    • Meridian may change or remove this website at any time without notice.
    • The trade marks on this website belong to Meridian, our licensors, or our affiliates. Likewise, the materials and content on this website are our intellectual property and belong to us. You cannot use or reproduce these without permission.
    • In limited circumstances you may use and reproduce the content on this website. These include for your personal, non-commercial use provided you acknowledge this website as your source. You may not make more than one copy of any material, reproduce any of our material on another website, or redistribute material without our written permission.
    • If you give us feedback, you permit us to use that feedback to improve our website, products, or services without restriction and without remuneration.
    • You consent to receiving emails from us, and you agree that emails satisfy any legal requirement for communications to be in writing.
    • While we do our best to make sure that information available on this website is accurate and free from errors, we do not guarantee its accuracy. There may be interruptions or delays on the website that we can’t prevent. Likewise, while we do our best to prevent the presence of viruses or malicious code on this website, we cannot guarantee this outcome.
    • You may create hyperlinks to this website, but must not create "hotlinks" to this website without getting our prior permission. You will be responsible for all losses we may suffer as a result of any hyperlink or hotlink you create.
    • We are not responsible for any damages or loss arising from this website or from use of any material available through this website or for any access to or use of your information or data by unauthorised persons.
    • This website is controlled from New Zealand, New Zealand laws apply, and New Zealand courts have jurisdiction.

    1. Introduction (‘this website’) is owned and operated by Meridian Energy Limited (‘Meridian’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’). These terms of use constitute an agreement between you, the website user, (‘you’, ‘your’) and us. You must not access or use this website unless you accept all of these terms of use. By accessing and using this website you are agreeing that you have read, understood and accepted these terms of use, and that you agree to be bound by them.

    2. Your privacy

    Where we collect personal information about you as a result of your accessing and using this website, our Privacy Policy will apply to that information. Accordingly, these terms of use must be read together with our Privacy Policy.

    3. Changes

    We reserve the right to add to, modify, suspend, or remove this website or any information, specification, or feature incorporated in this website at any time and without notice. We reserve the right to change these terms of use from time to time by publishing the changed terms on this website. You should review these terms of use periodically to be aware of such changes. By continuing to access or use this website following such publication you accept the revised terms of use.

    4. Your use of this website

    You agree not to use this website for any purpose that is unlawful or to engage in any conduct that may impair or cause damage to the operation of this website whether by way of a virus, corrupted file or through any other means.

    Furthermore you agree not to alter, modify, reproduce, transmit or otherwise deal with the content, software, text, graphics, layout or design of this website without our prior written approval in each case. Permission to use material from this website may be sought from

    We can use information about your use of the website to prevent and resolve unauthorised access to, or attacks on these systems.  We can use this information in this way even if you are not involved in such malicious activity.

    We may need to give information about you to others to comply with laws in New Zealand or overseas to improve cyber security.

    5. User content

    This website may enable you to submit information and other user-supplied content (‘user content’). By creating, modifying, transmitting, uploading, or submitting any user content, you:

    • grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, licence to publish and make available to the public your user content (by all means and in any media now known or hereafter developed) to other users of this website and other users of our services in such manner as we may permit from time to time
    • acknowledge and agree that no royalties or other remuneration will be paid or payable to you for your user content, or for the rights granted above.

    We have no obligation to you to make this website or any user content available. We may at any time edit or remove from display any part of this website (including your user content) as we deem appropriate.

    You agree that we can get information about you from, or give information to, anyone who helps us carry out the uses above, like market research companies, data analysis companies and information security organisations.

    6. Trade marks

    The name and logo of Meridian and all trade marks appearing on this website belong to us or our licensors or affiliates. You must not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce those trade marks for any reason without our prior written permission in each case.

    7. Intellectual property

    The materials displayed on this website are protected by copyright and other laws in New Zealand, and under similar laws and international conventions abroad. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright and other intellectual property rights that may subsist in materials available through this website including text, illustrations, artwork, photographs, video, music, sounds, layout, designs, software, source code, belong to us or to our licensors (together, ‘our intellectual property’).

    Except in accordance with section 8 below or with our prior written permission, you may not in any form or by any means:

    • use, copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, store, embed, distribute, print, display, perform, publish, or transmit in any way any works contained in any part of this website
    • commercialise any information, products or services obtained from any part of this website.

    8. Limited permission to use materials

    Subject to the restrictions in section 9 below, you are permitted to download and print extracts of material or content from this website in the following situations only:

    • for your personal, non-commercial use
    • for criticism, review or news reporting of current events, provided that an acknowledgement of source of such materials is provided in each case
    • for research or private study
    • where insubstantial portions of such material or content are quoted in another document provided that an acknowledgement of the source of such materials is provided in each case.

    You must not remove, cover, overlay, obscure or change any copyright notices, legends, or terms of use that we post on this website.

    9. Restrictions on copyright clearance

    The permissions given in section 8 above are subject to the following conditions unless you obtain our express prior written permission in each case:

    • no more than one copy of such material may be made
    • no part of the website or any material or content appearing on this website may be reproduced or stored in or transmitted to any other website
    • no material or content appearing on this website may be redistributed, disseminated, transmitted or broadcast in any form, either electronic or non-electronic, or included in any retrieval system or service.

    10. Feedback and unsolicited submissions

    If you give us feedback about this website or our products or services, we may use that feedback for the purpose of improving our website or services (and for any other purpose we deem necessary or desirable) without being obliged to pay you any compensation. If you do send us unsolicited ideas:

    • they will be treated as if they were ‘user content’ in accordance with these terms of use
    • they will be deemed to be non-confidential
    • we will not be required to provide any acknowledgement of their source.

    11. Electronic communications

    You consent to receiving communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. You agree to be bound by any agreement reached through electronic communications in terms of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002. You consent to receiving electronic messages and information sent by us (or on our behalf) for any purposes described in our Privacy Policy. You agree, pursuant to section 11(2) of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, that the person sending any such message need not include a functional unsubscribe facility in that message.

    12. Disclaimers

    We endeavour to ensure the accuracy of information available through this website and that the content of this website is free from errors. However, we do not give any warranty or other assurance as to the content of material appearing on this website, its accuracy, operation, quality, functionality, completeness, timeliness or suitability for any particular purpose.

    To the maximum extent permitted by law, we provide this website and related information and services on an “as is” basis without any warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind (whether, express, implied, statutory or otherwise) including, but not limited to, warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

    You acknowledge that if you rely on this website or any materials available through this website, you do so solely at your own risk.

    The views expressed in any third party material published on this website are not necessarily the views of Meridian and we expressly disclaim all responsibility for the content of any third party material published on this website.

    If you are using our services for business purposes, you agree that the guarantees provided under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply to those services.

    13. Limitation of liability

    To the full extent permissible at law, we disclaim all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in business projects, loss of profits or other economic losses) whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of, or inability to use, this website or any material appearing on this website, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this website or any such material.

    14. Availability

    Due to the nature of the internet and electronic communications, we and our service providers do not warrant that this website or any associated services will be error free, without interruption or delay, or free from defects in design. Your use of this website and any associated services may be subject to interruption, restriction, or delay. We will not be liable to you should this website or the services supplied through this website become unavailable, interrupted, restricted, or delayed for any reason.

    15. Hyperlinks and third party websites

    You may create one or more hyperlinks to this website but you must not create any hotlink, inline link, or direct link (each a "hotlink") to this website (or any file on this website) or embed any page of this website on another website (using a frame, iframe, or otherwise) without our prior written permission in each instance. If you would like to create a hotlink to this website, please contact us. If you do create a hyperlink or hotlink to this website or embed this website in another website, you will do so at your own risk and you will be responsible for all losses (whether direct or indirect) that we may suffer as a result of that hyperlink, hotlink, or embedding and you will indemnify us against all claims arising from, or in connection with, that hyperlink, hotlink, or embedding.

    This website may provide links to internet sites maintained by third parties. Such linked sites are not under our control and we are not responsible for their contents (including the accuracy or legality of any linked site or any material contained in a linked site). We are providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by us of the linked site. We will not be liable for any damages or loss arising in any way out of or in connection with or incidental to any information or service provided by any third party.

    16. Malicious code

    Although we endeavour to prevent the introduction of viruses or other malicious code (together, ‘malicious code’) to this website, we do not guarantee that this website, or any data available from it, does not contain malicious code. We will not be liable for any damages or harm attributable to malicious code. You are responsible for ensuring that the process that you employ for accessing this website does not expose your computer system to the risk of interference or damage from malicious code.

    17. Security

    Although we endeavour to protect the security of your personal information you acknowledge that there is a risk of unauthorised access to (or alteration of) your transmissions or data or of the information contained on your computer system or on this website. We do not accept responsibility or liability of any nature for any losses that you may sustain as a result of such unauthorised access or alteration. All information transmitted to you or from you is transmitted at your risk, and you assume all responsibility and risks arising in relation to your use of this website and the internet. We do not accept responsibility for any interference or damage to your own computer system which may arise in connection with your accessing of this website or any outbound hyperlink.

    We comply with laws in New Zealand and overseas and we act to improve the security of our IT systems. You agree we can give information about you, including your interaction with Meridian websites to police or other government agencies in New Zealand or overseas to comply with these laws or improve cyber security.

    We can give information about you if we believe giving the information will help prevent or resolve fraud, money laundering, unauthorised access to or attacks on Meridian’s IT systems or other crimes.  We can give this information even if you are not involved in such malicious activity.

    Ordinarily we will not tell you if we give out information about you.  We are not responsible to you or anyone else if we give information about you for the purposes above.

    You must not share your username and password with anyone, except a) your joint account holder (if you have one) and b) your directors and employees (if you are a business) who need access to your account.

    You are responsible for all actions taken using your login, including the actions of any person you share your username and password with. You must make sure that anyone you share your username and password with complies with these terms.

    18. Governing law

    This website is controlled and operated by us, from offices within New Zealand. Details contained on this website relating to the products and services have been prepared in accordance with New Zealand law and may not satisfy the laws of any other country. We make no representations or warranties as to whether or not the information or products available from this website are appropriate or available for use in other countries. If you choose to access this website from outside New Zealand you are responsible for compliance with applicable local law.

    These terms of use are governed by the laws of New Zealand and the courts of New Zealand shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute arising in relation to these terms of use.

  • Privacy Policy

    Meridian Energy Limited’s website privacy policy set out below outlines how Meridian deals with your personal information. Please read our privacy policy and our website terms of use. In summary, our privacy policy lets you know that:

    • Meridian may collect personal information from you when you use this website. However, Meridian won’t use or disclose your personal information except for purposes set out in this privacy policy, or as allowed by the Privacy Act
    • Meridian can use your information to provide you with relevant information, allow others to provide you with information, and to communicate with you
    • Meridian may store your personal information, but will take steps to protect that information
    • Meridian is not responsible for the conduct of third party websites to which this website is linked
    • You may email our privacy officer should you wish to access or correct personal information we hold about you
    • Meridian may change this policy from time to time. You should regularly check this privacy policy for changes

    1. General

    In this privacy policy, the terms ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ refer to Meridian Energy Limited. We respect the privacy of the users of (our ‘website’). This privacy policy explains how we may collect, store, use, and disclose personal information that you provide to us. By continuing to use this website you consent to our collecting, storing, using, and disclosing your personal information in the manner set out in this privacy policy.

    2. Collection

    We may collect personal information from you (including, without limitation, your name, email address, phone number, and postal address) when you use this website. You may decide not to provide your personal information to us. However, if you do not provide it, we may not be able to provide you with access to certain information or services.

    When you visit this website, we may use automated tools and methods (such as cookies, sessions, and usage monitoring software) to collect certain information about your visit, including (without limitation):

    • the internet protocol address and domain name used by your computer to connect to the internet
    • the operating system and the browser your computer uses, and any search engine or inbound hyperlink used to reach this website
    • the date, time, and duration of your visit
    • the pages viewed by you.

    This information will be used in aggregate form to analyse how this website is being used (for example: to analyse usage patterns in order to improve this website) and provide you with a personalised experience. Your web browser may allow you to disable acceptance of cookies or certain types of cookies used for this purpose. However, if you limit or disable these cookies your access or use of our website may be restricted.

    Meridian has signed up to Google’s website usage analysis service known as Google Analytics. This means that when you visit this website, tracking code, together with first party and third party cookies set by the tracking code, will collect and transmit anonymous information about you (age, gender and interests) and your use of and interactions with this website and the web, to Google’s data collection servers which is then reported to Meridian. The features provided by Google Analytics for Meridian may include:

    • Remarketing: This feature enables Meridian and other third parties, to show Meridian’s advertisements to you, while you browse the web, based on your previous visits to Meridian’s website and your interests. 
    • Google Display Network Impression Reporting or DoubleClick Campaign Manager: This feature reports on the interaction between your receipt of Meridian advertisements on the web and your visits to this website to enable us to assess the efficacy of our advertisements.
    • Demographics and Interest Reporting: This feature collects demographic information about you (age, gender and interests) to enable us to analyse behaviour by attribute and enable targeted interest-based website advertising to you via the Remarketing feature.

    You can advise Google that you wish to opt out of Google Analytics by visiting Google’s Ad Settings page. This page also allows you to customise Google Display Network ads. No personal information is collected by Google Analytics or Meridian. Meridian does not merge personal information with information collected from Google Analytics.

    Except as set out in this privacy policy, we will not disclose any such information except in aggregate form.

    We may gather more extensive information if we are concerned, for example, about abnormal website usage patterns or website security breaches.

    "Cookies" are small files stored on your computer that assist us in collecting the information above. “First party cookies” are cookies that are associated with the domain of the site a user visits. “Third party cookies” are cookies that are associated with a different domain to the site a user visits.

    3. Use and disclosure

    We will not use or disclose your personal information except in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. We may use your personal information to:

    • provide you with products and services and information on products and services
    • enable third parties to provide you with information on products and services
    • provide you with information (including promotional material and news) where you agree to receive such information
    • improve or update this website and our information and services
    • communicate with you
    • analyse usage of this website
    • personalise this website to your preferences.

    We will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information to third parties. Your personal information may be made available internally and to third parties such as our related companies, agents, credit checking or debt collection agencies, and website usage analysis agencies (including Google), for the above purposes. We will only use or disclose personal information that you have provided to us, or which we have obtained about you:

    • for the above-mentioned purposes
    • if you have authorised us to do so
    • if we have given you notification of the intended use or disclosure and you have not objected to that use or disclosure
    • if we believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency or an agency responsible for national security in the performance of their functions
    • if we believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce any legal rights we may have, or is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of us, our customers, or others
    • if we are required or permitted by law to disclose such information.

    4. Storage and security

    Personal information collected on this website is collected and stored by Meridian Energy Limited. We will take reasonable steps to protect personal information that is held by us from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Where we disclose any personal information to Google for the purposes of analysing website usage, such information is stored by Google in accordance with Google’s privacy policy

    5. Third party websites

    This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. We are not responsible for the content of such websites, or the manner in which those websites collect, store, use, and distribute any personal information you provide. When you visit third party websites from hyperlinks displayed on this website, we encourage you to review the privacy statements of those websites so that you can understand how the personal information you provide may be collected, stored, used and disclosed.

    6. Right to access and correct

    You may request access to, or correction of, any personal information we hold about you by emailing our privacy officer.

    To ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and current, please notify us of any changes to your information as soon as possible.

    7. Changes to our privacy policy

    We reserve the right, at our discretion, to alter this privacy policy at any time. Changes to this privacy policy will take effect immediately once they are published on this website. Please check this privacy policy regularly for modifications and updates. If you continue to use this website or if you provide any personal information after we post changes to this privacy policy, this will indicate your acceptance of any such changes.

  • Meridian Energy Social Media Community Guidelines

    We welcome engagement with our social media profiles. This helps us support and listen to our customers and wider community, tell our story and the stories of our partners and customers, and we like to keep things interesting with frequent competitions, pics and videos.

    These Community Guidelines apply to all those who post to, comment on, share, mention or otherwise interact with Meridian or Meridian content on social media, to ensure that everyone in the community is respected and safe.

    We operate the following social media profiles:

    Our social media pages are in the public domain, so to protect your security and privacy don’t post your personal information or customer number on our Facebook page in written or image form. Feel free to private message us with your query.

    Our team will respond to your questions within business hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. If you have a fault or emergency, please call our residential team on 0800 496 496 or our business team on 0800 496 777.

    We adhere to the guidelines of the social media channels we use, and ask that you do the same. We may moderate or remove comments, posts, images, links or other contributions that are, or could reasonably be seen as:

    • Inappropriate content: posts that are harmful, threatening, abusive, offensive, untrue, misleading, confidential, defamatory, derogatory, spam or disrespectful to someone else, including Meridian staff. This applies to words, images and video. We also run an automatic profanity filter, which prevents posts with profanities from being published to the community.
    • Too much information: posts that are a breach of your or someone else’s confidentiality, security or privacy, including that of the Meridian Group or our staff.
    • Images that don’t belong to you: infringement on any party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity, confidentiality or privacy is strictly prohibited and is your sole responsibility.
    • Repeated statements, attempts to flood the page, or otherwise disrupt other visitors’ access to our customer support.
    • Off-topic or unrelated to the conduct of our business or our customers’ queries, or outside the scope of the social media profile (as outlined above).
    • Soliciting for your business or cause.
    • Links or material that may be harmful cause security breaches.
    • Information that is subject to legal or regulatory proceedings.
    • Otherwise not in the spirit of these guidelines, or causing undue concern or discomfort to our visitors.
    • Not complying with the applicable social media channel’s terms of use.

    Any individual who repeatedly breaches these guidelines, or the social media channel’s terms of use, or New Zealand laws, may be (where the social media channel allows) blocked from our social media profiles and/or reported to the social media channel and other authorities at our sole discretion without notice, including law enforcement authorities if necessary.

    If you are concerned by any posts or behaviour you see on social media by us, or feel you have been blocked unfairly, please contact us at

    We are not responsible for the personal, political, organisational or religious beliefs of our friends, fans or followers across all social media channels.

    When collecting personal information we comply with the Privacy Act 1993. Our privacy policy explains how we collect personal information via social media channels and how that information is stored, used and disclosed as well as your right to access and correct (if necessary) any personal information we hold about you.

    Visitors and contributors should also be aware of and observe each social media channel’s own guidelines for community behaviour.

    By submitting, posting or displaying your content on any of our social media channels, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use that content.

    All images and media we publish on our social media pages are used with permission. Any promotions run on our Facebook Page are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. During a promotion, any information that you provide is provided to Meridian, and not to Facebook. The same also applies to any promotions run on any of our other social media profiles.

    Information provided by us on our social media profiles is provided in accordance with applicable New Zealand law. The information on the social media profiles may not satisfy the laws of any other country besides New Zealand. Unless otherwise stated expressly, products and services referred to on our social media pages are only available in New Zealand.

    Meridian Energy is not responsible for and does not endorse or guarantee products or services that are offered or content or viewpoints that are expressed in posts by others on our profiles.

    Neither Meridian Energy, nor its directors, employees, agents or representatives accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body that may directly or indirectly arise out of or in connection with information provided via our social media profiles or linked sites. The information on our social media profiles is provided on the basis that persons accessing the web site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

    These Social Media Community Guidelines may be updated at any time without notice.