Manapōuri power station - Unit 1 update - August 2023.

  • Generation news

Meridian has today removed the transformer for Manapōuri Unit 1 (125MW) (T1) from service due to monitoring indicating elevated gas levels.  The Planned Outage Coordination Process (POCP) website has been updated to indicate that T1 will not be returned to service until 29 September 2023 once further monitoring and analysis has been completed. 

Meridian has also observed elevated gas levels in the transformer for Manapōuri Unit 6 (125MW) (T6).  Further work will need to be completed to determine if the issues with the two transformers are related.  At this stage and as indicated in POCP, Meridian plans to return T6 to service on 7 September 2023.  Meridian will continue to provide updates via POCP.