Meridian clarification: Consumer Care Guidelines and Pricing

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Due to some misreporting from and Newstalk ZB about the Electricity Authority’s Consumer Care Guidelines, Meridian wishes to clarify some facts and its position.  Please see our statement below.

The Consumer Care Guidelines

Vulnerable Consumer and Medically Dependent Consumer guidelines have been around since the mid-2000s and were introduced in collaboration with the industry and stakeholders including Meridian. 

The Electricity Authority says that these guidelines had “generally served New Zealand consumers well, and electricity system stakeholders could be proud of their shared commitment to implementing them.”  

However, the Authority has said that after more than 10 years the guidelines needed updating and review. Meridian supports the review and the resulting Consumer Care Guidelines, in fact we think the Authority should go further and make mandatory rules for all retailers to follow. We will fully align our practices with the new guidelines.

Let’s talk about pricing

Meridian understands that people may wonder why residential prices can be different.

Electricity, like most sectors that provide goods and services, is competitive and retailers provide incentives, pricing plans and discounts in order to gain and keep customers.

With around 40 retailers competing in the electricity market, each retailer works very hard to attract customers to join, but also to stay.... whether that be through fixed pricing plans, tariffs to suit your lifestyle, or through upfront discounts and credits.

Fair pricing remains an important focus for everyone retailing electricity. We all want to keep customers for the long term, and we work hard to deliver great service and price.

It’s important to remember that electricity retail prices in this country are among the lowest in the OECD. MBIE data also shows that the real average annual household bill in 2020 was $140 lower than in 2014, and the real price per kWh was at its lowest level since 2012.  


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