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Supply Chain

We recognise that those with whom we work and how they go about their business, treat their staff and manage their supply chain is our business.

Good Energy Programme

An important part of being a sustainable business is creating a positive impact in our supply chain. One of the ways we do this is through our Supply Chain Good Energy Programme.

This programme is designed to create partnerships that drive sustainability outcomes and manage risks. It does this by setting out ways of working together, including systems and processes, that build on current practices and look to lift maturity in priority areas over time.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct encourages our suppliers to take climate actions that will work for their businesses and enable us to help New Zealand become a net-zero-carbon country in 2050. We also have a supplier carbon engagement programme that explores ways we can help suppliers to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These initiatives create win-wins for Meridian and our suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

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Tackling Zero

Tackling Zero is Meridian’s quarterly newsletter for people whose roles or studies are focused on sustainability, or for whom this is an area of interest. Each issue will offer Meridian’s insights into a topical sustainability issue, as well as stories on how we, our customers and supply chain partners are tackling sustainability. It also includes links to recent Meridian disclosures such as new policies and reports.