Take the surprise out of your power bill

Life’s a bit of a mystery and for the most part, that’s a good thing. There are some things though, which are just better without the smoke and mirrors. Paying your power bill is definitely one of them.

With LevelPay, your bill payments are spread out evenly throughout the year, so you’ll pay the same amount every time. And better yet, you choose when you pay - whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly – if it suits you, it suits us.

The nitty gritty

Once you’re set up with LevelPay, it’s all breezy from there. You’ll continue to pay the same way that you always have, and you’ll still receive a bill each month to help you keep an eye on things.  We’ll check in on your account every now and then to make sure that your payments are covering the amount of power you’re using. If it looks like you need to pay more or less, we’ll be in touch.

*LevelPay is available for all residential customers with one property. If you are a business customer or have more than one property, please contact us to discuss your payment options.


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