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Green finance

Meridian is committed to sustainability, it’s at the heart of our company. As New Zealand’s largest renewable electricity generator, our most significant climate action is our commitment to only generate 100% renewable energy.

To recognise our commitment, leadership and investment in renewable energy, we have designed a Green Finance Programme covering both existing and future issuances of debt instruments.

The Green Finance Programme is outlined in Meridian’s Green Finance Framework which is aligned with the following Market Standards:

  • International Capital Markets Association Green Bond Principles (GBP)
  • Climate Bonds Standard version 3.0 (CBS)
  • Asia Pacific Loan Market Association Green Loan Principles (GLP),

Meridian knows how important it is for us to play our part to help combat climate change. Through our Programme we connect our company strategy to our financing requirements and provide investors with an opportunity to invest in a range of accredited green debt instruments. The proceeds of these will be allocated to finance or refinance sustainable projects and assets such as new or existing renewable energy projects or assets.

Meridian’s sustainability efforts are focused on areas that can achieve a meaningful difference. These focus areas are outlined in Meridian’s Climate Action Plan, which is centred around Reducing Impact, Working Together, Understanding Climate Change, and Creating Action.

This Climate Action Plan and further information on Meridian’s sustainability leadership and strategy can be found here.


The Meridian Green Finance Assets

Wind Asset Pool

  • Climate Bonds Standards applied
  • Green Debt allocated to Wind Pool: NZ Retail Bonds and EKF Facility
  • Green Debt allocated to this pool has received CBS certification

External review provided by DNV-GL Assurance Opinion FY20, FY21, FY22, FY23 and a CBI Certification

Meridian has obtained pre-issuance certification from CBI in relation to the MEL070 Green Bonds – see here. 

Meridian has obtained pre-issuance certification from CBI in relation to the MEL60 Green Bonds see here.

Hydro Asset Pool

  • Green Bond and Green Loan Principles applied
  • Green Debt allocated to Hydro Pool: USPP, Wholesale Notes, Bank Facilities and Commercial Paper
  • Green Debt allocated to this pool is now confirmed to be aligned with the GBP and GLP

External review provided by DNV-GL- Second Party Opinion FY20, FY21, FY22 and FY23

Meridian’s eligible Green Assets and allocated Green Debt can be viewed below.

FY23 Green Finance Programme Register

FY22 Green Finance Programme Register

FY21 Green Finance Programme Register

FY20 Green Finance Programme Register

Read our Green Finance Framework Document and DNV Second Party Opinion.