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Guidance on the climate alignment of Meridian’s engagement with government bodies.

Meridian prepares submissions and engages with government bodies on a range of subjects. Management will ensure that Meridian submissions are aligned with:

  • Meridian’s purpose of Clean energy for a fairer and healthier world; and
  • Global effort under the Paris Agreement to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5° Celsius above preindustrial levels, and increase the ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Meridian is a member of various trade associations and contributes to submissions and government engagements by those associations. Meridian will advise trade associations when their activities do not appear to align with Meridian’s purpose and/or the Paris Agreement goals and will seek better alignment, acknowledging that associations must consider a range of views from members. In cases of significant ongoing misalignment, Management will consider changes to Meridian’s membership of trade associations.

Management will agree on responsibilities for submissions, engagement with government bodies, and oversight of the activities of trade associations. Significant submissions and senior-level engagements (for example with Ministers, Members of Parliament, or the Chief Executives of regulators) will be escalated to Meridian’s Chief Executive/or Board.

Meridian's submissions to policy agencies, regulatory agencies and Select Committees.

Meridian submission - Interim hydrogen roadmap - November 2023

Meridian submission - Developing a Regulatory Framework for Offshore Renewable Energy - November 2023

Meridian submission - Gas Transition Plan issues paper - November 2023

Meridian submission - Implementing a ban on new fossil-fuel baseload electricity generation - November 2023

Meridian submission - Measures for transition to an expanded and highly renewable electricity system - November 2023

Meridian submission - Draft advice to inform the strategic direction of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan - June 2023

Meridian submission - MDAG Options Paper: Price discovery in a renwables-based electricity system - March 2023

Meridian submission - Natural and Built Environment Bill and Spatial Planning Bill - February 2023

Meridian submission - Promoting competition in the wholesale electricity market in the transition toward 100% renewable electricity - December 2022

Meridian submission - Inefficient Price Discrimination in very large electricity contracts - October 2022

Meridian submission - Climate-related Disclosure Framework Consultation - September 2022

Meridian submission - consultation on Modern Slavery and Worker Exploitation - June 2022

Meridian submission - Climate-related Disclosures: Strategy, and Metrics and Targets - April 2022

Meridian submission - Review of competition in the wholesalemarket - December 2021

Meridian submission - XRB Climate disclosures (governance and risk management) - November 2021

Meridian submission - Emissions Reduction Plan - November 2021

Meridian's Submission to the Climate Change Commission draft advice - March 2021 

Electricity Authority UTS Supplementary Consultation - November 2020

Electricity Authority preliminary UTS cross submission - September 2020

Electricity Authority preliminary UTS submission - August 2020

Hedge Market Enhancements submission – June 2020

Review of High Standard of Trading Conduct submission – May 2020

Accelerating Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency submission – February 2020

Saves and Win-backs submission – December 2019

TPM cross-submission – October 2019

TPM submission – October 2019

Electricity Price Review Options Paper submission – March 2019