Meat and fibre pricing and plans

Whether it’s sheep, beef, deer, pork, poultry or wool harvesting, our team can work with you to put together a plan that works with your business. We have a range of options to tailor a power plan to your farm’s situation. We’ve got your back.


Year-Round or Seasonal plans

For most dry stock operations, a simple Year-Round Fixed Energy Plan will look after your electric fences, shearing sheds, stock water pumps and freezers nicely. We find that power use is pretty consistent across the year, so it makes sense to keep your rates consistent too. This can also be a good, flexible option for poultry farms that can have stable use throughout the year.

A Seasonal Fixed Energy Plan can come in handy, though, if your power use spikes in summer for shearing sheep or keeping the chooks cool.

Seasonal rates

This graph illustrates power consumption for an indoor pig farm and Meridian Year-Round rates only. Your actual consumption and the rates charged to you will vary. The graph has been based on a single agribusiness customer's installation control point in the Canterbury region.


Day/Night or Weekender pricing

For piggeries, Day/Night or Weekender pricing works well, given your night-time use can be higher. With this option, you’re looking at lower rates at nights and weekends, when your consumption is higher. And no, there’s no catch. Just smart power pricing.

Don't just take our word for it


“We’re yet to come across another power company with dedicated agri managers that will understand your business as well as Meridian does. It’s not all about price, it’s about relationships too. And Meridian is a hands down winner on both.”

- Michelle and Leighton Pye, South Canterbury farmers



Get a better price with your rural supplier

Paying through a rural supply company is the simplest way to pay your power bill — and you get a better deal.

We’ve teamed up with top rural supply companies so you benefit from mates’ rates: that’s pricing, services and terms to suit you. If you’re with one of these companies, you’ll get a sweet deal on your power with Meridian.



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