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Electric vehicles for business

We believe that electric vehicles (EVs) have a key role to play in the fight against climate change.

And as a business, there are so many benefits to joining us on the EV journey. We’re experts in setting up businesses with charging solutions for your own EV fleet and the wider public. Our experienced team will work with you to find a tailored solution suited to your business’s needs.

EV fleet charging options

We offer an end-to-end service, from choosing the best chargers to installing them for you. We'll also make sure you have ongoing support with remote monitoring, usage reporting, issue resolution and customer support.  

If you’d prefer a more basic package, you can simply purchase an EV charger through us. 

Public electric vehicle charging options 

As more EVs appear on our roads, the demand for public charging stations is only going to increase. That’s where you come in. Installing a public charger could encourage customers to choose your business and stay with you longer.  

Not sure where to start? We'll help develop a detailed charging solution to identify the best option for your business’s needs. 

There are heaps of benefits to setting up EV charging stations with us: 

  • We provide a completely managed service including installation and maintenance, signage, car park markings and protective barriers. 
  • Our reliable, robust chargers and installation processes meet NZTA’s standards for public charging and WorkSafe requirements. 
  • We can make your EV charging stations publicly available. 
  • We can provide remote monitoring and monthly usage reporting

Ready to jump on board?

Our team are ready to offer you some more info and provide you with a quote. 

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We’re leading the charge

To help reduce range anxiety and combat climate change, Meridian is installing a nationwide electric vehicle charging network of AC chargers to help encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

The Meridian EV charging network will provide charging stations in the places where kiwis live and play. That means places like shopping malls, retail and business parks, as well as community facilities. Currently, we’ve got EV charging stations in Auckland, Eastbourne, Wairarapa, Christchurch, Rangiora, Timaru and Hanmer Springs.

We’re working with businesses to install more public charging stations across the country. If your business would like to work with us to see how together we can provide electric charging options for your community, please let us know.

If your business would like to work with us to see how we can help provide EV charging options for your business or community, please complete the form below*.


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Why drive electric?

The benefits are pretty compelling. And we’re here to help every step of the way.

  • Cut your costs and your carbon

    The price to charge an EV is the equivalent to spending around 30c per litre on petrol, and ongoing maintenance costs are far less than those of a petrol or diesel vehicle. And, in case that isn’t good enough, driving an EV instead of petrol or diesel will cut your CO2 emissions by 80%.

  • Be part of the movement

    Converting to an electric fleet can significantly contribute to New Zealand’s goal to have road transport almost completely decarbonised by 2050.

Still thinking about an electric fleet?

Find out more about why driving electric is good for business. And, check out Drive Electric’s guide to building an electric fleet featuring advice from our Property and Procurement Manager, Nick Robilliard

Our Electric Car Plan is designed specifically for those charging up at home. We’ve got lower rates for overnight charging, and we’ll give you up to $200 in credit*, which should be enough to charge your vehicle for a year**.

*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply

**Based on a 2015 Nissan Leaf charging overnight with an average travel of 11,500km on Meridian's Electric Car Standard Plan.

If you’re still working towards an EV fleet, there are electric ride share options available around the country. We’ve partnered with Mevo, so, driving electric is more accessible for Kiwis.