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Power Up Te Uku

Power Up Te Uku provides grants for projects in Raglan, Te Mata, Waitetuna and Te Uku that support sustainable community development.

The next funding round for Power Up Te Uku is open now, for applications submitted by Sunday 21 April 2024

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Is my project eligible?

You can apply for funding if your project meets at least one of Power Up Te Uku objectives.

Your project must:

  • promote environmental awareness and programmes that sustain and improve the quality of the environment in the community
  • contribute to the sustainability of non-profit organisations or volunteer services
  • promote life-long learning opportunities for all
  • foster the development of opportunities for sporting, social and recreational activities
  • promote quality healthcare.

Selection criteria

Your proposal must clearly outline what the outcomes and benefits of your project will be, and how your project will:

  • contribute directly to the community
  • generate benefits that do not currently exist
  • contribute long-term solutions to issues
  • foster the development of skills and capacity
  • demonstrate the ability to make effective use of the funds
  • have performance measures that focus on outcomes
  • provide promotional opportunities
  • use the fund to attract additional funding for the project
  • demonstrate a sustainable future for the project beyond the support of the fund.


Apply for funding

We'll review your application during our funding rounds, following which we’ll contact applicants to let them know the outcome.