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Education can help a child get out of poverty, but kids can’t learn when they’re cold, wet or hungry and that’s why we’ve been proud principal partners of KidsCan since 2013.

KidsCan provide nutritious food to 55,000 school kids each day and help keep them warm and dry by providing a fleece-lined jacket and comfortable shoes and socks. They also provide kids with essential health items like hand sanitiser and nit treatment. Plus, every pre-schooler who is supported by KidsCan receives a jacket, shoes, socks, health products and daily healthy meals.
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By giving tamariki in low decile schools and early childhood centres the essentials to learn, they’re helping to level the playing field, so every child has the same opportunity to learn and succeed in life. Join Meridian and KidsCan in giving Kiwi kids an equal start. KidsCan is helping Kiwi kids living in hardship reach their full potential and create brighter futures for themselves.
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