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Deferred winter payment

Meridian is excited to offer you a break from your power bill with Deferred Winter Payment, exclusive for Farm Source customers. It is available to any Meridian customer who pays their electricity bill through their Farm Source account.

Deferred Winter Payment is one of the easiest ways to manage your power usage budget by allowing you to defer payment of your June, July, August and September power bills until November. And best of all, it’s interest free.

How does it work?

You will continue to receive your regular monthly statement from us – but don’t panic, you won’t need to pay it until November. The statements during these months will simply help you get an idea of your electricity spend during the Deferred Winter Payment period.

Date What you will receive
Mid Jun – Mid Oct You will receive a monthly statement showing your usage for the month.
The statement will not show a running balance.
Beginning November

Farm Source will send you your statement showing all Deferred Winter Payment charges.

Payment will be due 20 November.

It's your choice!

You can sign up anytime to Deferred Winter Payment. To get the most out of it we suggest signing up before the 5th of the month you wish to start i.e.

  • Sign up before 8 June and you'll get your June, July, August and September Meridian power bills deferredp>
  • Sign up after 8 June and we'll start deferring your power bills from July

You can choose to have some of your connections on Deferred Winter Payment and some on monthly billing (i.e. if you’ve got your house, pump and shed with us – you can decide to pay your house monthly but defer your pump and shed).

Facts about Deferred Winter Payment

  • Deferred Winter Payment applies to all transactions on your Meridian bill, not just energy charges, and includes amounts owed to you by Meridian such as account credits and distributed generation payments.
  • Deferred Winter Payment will be applied to all accounts under your Meridian account number unless you request it to be removed for certain accounts (please contact us on 0800 496 444 if you wish to do this).
  • Once you have signed up to Deferred Winter Payment it remains in place for subsequent years, unless you advise us otherwise.

Signing up is easy

You can easily sign up online right now, or if you'd like to talk it through with one of our Agribusiness electricity experts then contact us.