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Moving house checklist

Found a new place? Congrats – that’s one of the hardest parts done!

We all know there’s a fair bit left to tick off from here, though. So here’s a handy moving checklist to help get you from “we’re moving” to “we’re home”. We've covered off tasks for two months before you move, right up to the day before moving, and moving day itself.

By the way... we know a house move isn’t always organised two months out. Life doesn't always work that way. So if you need to move your power urgently, give us a call on 0800 496 496 and we’ll get you sorted.

Two months before

  • Pick your moving day. We reckon Friday’s a good shout – it leaves the whole weekend to get organised, and more time to put your feet up. Book leave in now, if it’s your usual workday.
  • DIY move or removal company? Decide if you’re going to put the call out to family and friends or get a professional crew in to help you move. Either way, it’s time to ask them to mark their diaries or book you in.
  • Sift through your stuff. We’ve all held on to things we haven’t used or worn in five years… just in case. Well, here’s your chance to make an executive decision to ditch it, so you've got less to pack. Silver linings, right? Check out our decluttering tips to help you with this one.
  • Sort your utilities. Funnily enough, we can help with that! Well, the power at least. Moving your power is easy – it just takes a few clicks, and we’ll do the rest. Remember your internet and landline connections, too.
  • Check out the new neighbourhood. If you’re moving further than ‘round the corner, do you need to arrange new schools, childcare, or doctors?

One month before

  • Start collecting moving boxes. You can buy these or ask around your local shops – they’re often just recycled, so they might consider it a favour. It’s a good idea to stock up on heavy-duty tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, scissors and labels too.
  • Label your boxes. We’ve all got a unique method to our madness. Do this however best works for you: numbered, by room, or with different coloured stickers. Clearly mark what’s fragile – we don’t want grandma’s china crushed underneath the pots and pans.
  • Get packing. Start with the things you don’t use often. Doing a little bit every few days will save on stress later.
  • Make an inventory list. It’s always helpful to note down what items are in which box so you can tell your hoses from your hosiery.
  • Put the word out that you’re moving. Here’s a starter for ten:
    • Subscriptions (eg food, magazines and newspapers)
    • Insurance
    • Car registration
    • NZ Post
    • Banks
    • IRD
    • Workplace
    • Medical centres
    • School
  • Start eating. The less in your pantry, fridge and freezer, the better! Get creative in the kitchen and use up as much as you can before you move.

Here's a printable moving checklist, just for you.

Download now

Two weeks before

  • Find someone to look after the littlies. That goes for children and furry friends – as much as we love them, we all know it’ll be easier to have them out of our hair on moving day.
  • Book a cleaning company if you need your house spick and span before someone else moves in. How about choosing a company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products? If you’re doing a DIY clean, make the most of your 15% off ecostore products online for Meridian. Please get in touch to get the code.
  • Keep packing. We’re sure you haven’t forgotten that part, but we thought it worth a mention…

A week before

  • Arrange the keys. The last thing we want on moving day is to be locked out of the new place! It’s great to know when you can pick up the new keys and leave your old keys with someone (landlord, or new owners or real estate agent).
  • Finish packing the big stuff. If you’re left with only your essentials from now, you’re on track for a smooth move.

Two days before

  • Chuck on a final load of washing.
  • Print out some floor plans of your new place. This will come in handy for your moving crew.
  • Pack an essentials box or two with everything you’ll need for the first night:
    • Pillows, sheets and towels
    • Pyjamas
    • A change of clothes
    • Toiletries and medication
    • Tea, coffee and the jug
    • First aid kit
    • Pet food and bowl
    • Snacks
    • Phone chargers

Day before

  • Unplug the whiteware. Defrost the freezer and drain the washing machine hose people, it’s almost moving day!
  • Empty the bins.
  • Charge the essentials. We want everyone to be at 100% on moving day. The same goes for your phone. And if you drive an EV, good on you – and don’t forget to juice that up too.
  • Hit the supermarket. No one wants a hangry mover on their hands. Moving day breakfast, lunch and snacks are essential.
  • Set an alarm. Or maybe more than one... just in case.

Moving day

  • Have a decent breakfast.
  • If you've got the kids with you, find a spot for them to hang out while your moving crew are doing their thing.
  • Meet the moving crew and ensure they know where everything should go in the new place (cue the floor plan that you organised a few days ago). If you’ve got a friends and family crew, delegate them a job or room each.
  • Do one last check and clean (if you’re not getting the pros in).
  • Lock up. Say goodbye to your old place and look forward to new beginnings.

Welcome home

Welcome to your new home! Let’s keep the post-move list short and sweet:

  • Check all your boxes have arrived.
  • Unpack your essentials.
  • Make the beds.
  • Plug in the fridge/freezer and put the jug on.
  • Become acquainted with your new local takeaway spot.
  • Sleep like a log. You earned it – and the rest can wait ‘til tomorrow.

Move with Meridian

Moving house? Don’t forget to pack Meridian. Register your move with us and we’ll get the power sorted at your new place, so you can enjoy a cuppa when you get there.

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