OEM Audio 10% discount offer terms and conditions

  1. Meridian is making available to all Meridian customers with a current electricity account, a 10% discount off the full retail price on all electric vehicle related products purchased from OEM Audio Limited’s (OEM Audio) online shop or in store.
  2. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or any other OEM Audio promotion.  
  3. Customers can access the discount by using unique discount code that they have been provided with. The discount code may change from time to time, and customers will be informed how they can access the code. 
  4. All customers are deemed to have accepted this offer by using the discount code provided to them. 
  5. OEM Audio’s standard terms and conditions apply for all purchases made.   
  6. Meridian, its employees and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered in connection with any purchase made by the customers from OEM Audio or this offer, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. 
  7. Meridian reserves the right to extend, cancel or amend this offer at any time. Meridian is not responsible for any third party acts or omissions. 
  8. When collecting personal information Meridian complies with the Privacy Act 2020.  Our privacy policy is available on our website.