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The Zero electric vehicle charging network

At Meridian we’re passionate about the planet and want to make sure it’s around for generations to come. That’s one reason we reckon the future is electric. 

It’s no secret we’re excited about electric vehicles. Our passenger fleet is 100% fully electric and we are well on the way to converting our other vehicles. We currently provide charging solutions for homes and businesses, too. Our next step is bigger and better – creating a network of chargers across Aotearoa New Zealand. This network is called Zero, giving a nod to the types of cars they’re designed for – cars with zero tailpipe emissions.

What is the Zero EV charger network?

Once completed, the Zero charging network will be one of the biggest destination charging networks in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’ve already installed chargers in Auckland, Wellington and the Canterbury region and are excited to have recently partnered with the Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council to expand our network. Together, we’ll be installing charging stations at locations throughout Wellington and Hutt cities. By January we will have seven Zero chargers in the Hutt, with a plan for around 100 chargers to be installed across the greater Wellington region over the next three years. In addition to that, we'll be installing over 200 chargers around the country.

These will be mostly AC Chargers found in a variety of locations where people go to spend a decent amount of time, such as shopping malls and parks. We’ll also be adding in some DC Chargers too for those that need a quick top up on the go.

What's the difference between an AC charger and a DC charger?

AC Chargers

  • A good choice if you’re staying at places for a longer time, like malls, parks and cinemas.
  • Requires you to use your own cable.

DC Chargers

  • Faster charging, often referred to as fast or rapid charging.
  • A good choice if you’re in a hurry and need a “top up” to get to your next destination.
  • A cable is provided for charging.

Want more info on how you can charge your EV?

For a short period of time, our chargers are free to use.

We’ll be launching an app in 2022, which enables you to stop and start the charger for your vehicle. It’ll also have heaps of other features like location maps where you can save your favourite chargers, history of charges and more.

For now, you can find an available charger near you at plug share or check out the map below.

We’ll be releasing more details as soon as our app is ready to go, and we’ll be launching a website for Zero so you can find all the information you need in one place.

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Got more questions?

If you have any questions, or are a public facing business who would benefit from a charger, feel free to get in touch. If you want to know more about electric vehicles, check out our EV hub for information about why and how you can make the switch.

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