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Energy efficiency is easy

Saving energy at home is a no brainer – you’ll tread lighter on the environment and spend less while you’re at it.

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    Save power by improving the energy efficiency of your appliances

    Practical tips to help you save power around the house.
  • Six steps to effective energy management HEADER

    5 easy tips for saving power

    Here’s a few practical tips and tools to help you save power around the house. 
  • Energy efficient appliances HEADER v2

    Choose energy efficient appliances

    Our appliances use about a third of the average home’s electricity bill. 
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    Meridian app

    Let us help you, help yourself, check out how you can view your usage, your bills and manage your account information.
  • Easy ideas to design your lighting to save power HEADER

    Ideas to help save power with lighting

    Saving power on lighting goes beyond simply switching off the lights when you leave a room.
  • How to draught proof your home HEADER

    How to draught proof your home

    Eliminate the draughts in your home so that you can heat it more efficiently.
  • Save money on hot water HEADER

    Save money on hot water

    Here are a few easy ways to help cut back on hot water power consumption.
  • Timers and Sensors HEADER v2

    Timers and sensors

    Timers and sensors are a cheap and cheerful way of turning off things that aren’t being used.
  • 5 hot tips for keeping cool over summer HEADER v3

    5 hot tips for keeping cool in summer

    Save energy over the summer - we’ve got five hot tips for keeping you (and your bills) cool. 

Extra support?

Warmer Kiwi homes

If you own a home and have a Community Services or SuperGold card, you could be eligible to get government funding for heating and insulation through the Warmer Kiwi Homes grant.

Winter energy payments

If you receive a benefit or superannuation, you’ll automatically receive a Winter Energy Payment during the winter months to help pay the power bill.