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Energy saving tips

Farm buildings

No cost options

Free solar power
Clean your greenhouse glass to make the most of natural solar heating.

Natural ventilation
In livestock barns, take advantage of natural ventilation.

Clean fans
Keep ventilation fans clean to increase efficiency.

Options to invest in

Greenhouse seals
Increase the effectiveness of your greenhouse by fixing broken panes and checking seals around doors, pipes and ventilators.


No cost options

Switch off
Turn off lights when you leave the shed.

Regularly clean lights – dirt and dust can reduce light output by 30%.

Options to invest in

Natural light
Take advantage of natural light – use clear sheets of corrugated perspex for roofing.

Efficient bulbs
Replace your old incandescent lights with more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

Install motion and daylight sensors for outside lights and in low-use areas.


Keep refrigeration systems well maintained – clean and repair fins, fix any leaks and worn seals, and keep condenser coils clean.

Insulate your vat and pipes, especially if they’re outside.

Keep your refrigeration system well ventilated and located in a shady place.