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Staying on a Fixed Rate Plan

What’s the difference between a Fixed Rate Plan and Variable Plan?

Fixed Rate Plans provide price certainty for the duration of your contract. This covers electricity and network charges. Government and regulatory charges like GST and the Electricity Authority (EA) levy can change. Fixed pricing applies when your price category, capacity and metering configuration stays the same and no new network charge is introduced. If any of these changes, and we can no longer offer the plan you are on, we’ll give you prior notice and help you find a new plan. Read the full Terms and Conditions.

Variable Plan rates are not fixed and can be changed at any time. We provide 30 days’ notice in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Electricity should Variable Plan rates change. Our terms and conditions can be found here

Why have my rates changed?

Meridian constantly reviews both its Fixed Rate and Variable Plans to ensure they are competitive and recover costs (such as network charges, energy costs or the costs related to supplying your site). These costs may have changed from when your previous Fixed Rate Plan was locked in, and the new rates reflect these changes.

What charges are fixed, and what services aren’t included in Fixed Rate Plans?

With fixed rate pricing, your Meridian charge (which covers the price of energy, and our retail services like meter reading, billing and customer support) and network charges are fixed for the term of the contract.

Regulatory or government levies (including the EA levy) and taxes (such as GST), may change.  

If you have any unmetered supplies or embedded generation, the rates associated with these can change as they aren’t part of the Fixed Rate Plan offer.

See our Fixed Rate Plan terms and conditions for more information.

Why has the discount now changed to a lower rate for all customers?

We replaced the guaranteed discount with a lower rate to ensure all our customers benefit equally, and to make bills simpler and easier to understand. 

What happens after my Fixed Rate Plan expires?

Once your Fixed Rate Plan expires, you’ll receive a letter or email advising you that you can either sign up to a new Fixed Rate Plan or switch to one of our variable plans.

What happens if my circumstances change before my Fixed Rate Plan expires?

We don’t charge exit fees, so if your circumstances change, (for example, if you’re relocating overseas, or moving to another electricity supplier), you can contact us to discuss your options.