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Medically dependent customers

Medically dependent customers

If you or anyone in your household requires the use of mains electricity for critical medical support, it’s really important you let us know. Please download the form below, have it completed by your health care provider and email it back to md@meridian.co.nz

Once we receive the completed form, we’ll make a note on your account. We’ll contact you as soon as we become aware of any planned power outages that may affect the property listed so you can relocate in advance or be ready with your safety plan.

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Make sure you have an emergency plan

Bad weather or outages mean that power cuts will happen. It’s important your household takes responsibility for ensuring that alternative options such as battery power or a generator are available during an outage. Alternatively, you can relocate to a friend or family member’s house that has power.

You can also contact your local health provider to find out what your options are during the outage. The Ministry of Health website has a full list of New Zealand District Health Boards. If you ever feel your health is at risk due to a power outage, call emergency services or get to a hospital.

When power cuts are planned, for example to work on power lines, we’ll give you advanced notice wherever possible.

If you have any questions about medical dependency and your electricity, just email md@meridian.co.nz - we’re here to help.

Vulnerable customers

If anyone at your property relies on mains electricity for reasons of age, health or disability and any disconnection poses a threat to their health or wellbeing, please let us know so we can understand your situation.

If you’re having genuine difficulty paying your bills, we encourage you to give us a call or email. We can discuss payment options with you and put you in touch with budget advisors and other services that may be able to help, such as Work and Income.

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