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Trouble paying?

If you are having trouble paying your electricity bills, or think you will soon, get in touch. If you’re in hardship because you genuinely don’t have enough money, we can help.

We call you a ‘vulnerable customer’ if you’re in hardship, or you would suffer harm without power. Don’t be embarrassed about letting us know. Whatever your circumstances, we want to keep your power on.

We can discuss ways to make payment easier. We can put you in touch with budget advisors and people who may be able to help, such as Work and Income.

We’ll talk with you about alternatives to the standard monthly bill, to make it easier to pay for power.

We’ll check whether you’re on the best plan for your needs. If you are, and you’re still having problems, here are the options we’ll discuss with you.


You’d pay the same amount each month. Occasionally we’d check the actual power you’d used and adjust the payment, keeping the cost within your means.

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Payment arrangement

If you do get behind in paying your bills, please contact us. We’ll look over your account. Then we’ll agree with you the amount you need to pay, and how often, to catch up your payments.

Another way of contacting you if you need help

Do you think that in future you may have trouble communicating with us or paying your electricity bills? Give us a way of reaching you through someone else — an alternate contact.

An alternate contact can be a family member, friend, or social agency. They need to have agreed to help you if you’re:

  • having trouble understanding the information we give you
  • having trouble paying
  • facing disconnection of your electricity.

You can give us more than one name to contact. If you would like us to record an alternate contact on your account, get in touch.